Bernie Ecclestone worried FIA will give title to Lewis Hamilton

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Bernie Ecclestone, Indianapolis, 2007 | GEPA / Franz PammerOn the day before the FIA Court of Appeal meets in London to hear McLaren’s protest against the result of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone has threatened to quit if Lewis Hamilton is handed the title:

I don?t think that the Formula One fans would like a championship to be won because the temperature of the fuel, which can?t be measured anyway, is possibly 5C out. If anybody thinks that?s the best thing for Formula 1, then I?d have a very serious thought about me retiring.

This lends weight to the suspicion that the outcome of the hearing is a foregone conclusion, and that McLaren has no chance of succeeding.

Although Ecclestone, as the head of Formula One Management, is not responsible for making the decision, his opinion will be considered highly influential. When the FIA found McLaren guilty of using Ferrari’s intellectual property it was the intervention of Ecclestone and other parties that ensured Hamilton and Fernando Alonso remained in the drivers’ championship.

Nonetheless, the fact that Ecclestone has chosen to voice the threat might suggest he is genuinely concerned the FIA might disqualify the BMWs and Williams cars from the Brazilian Grand Prix, elevating Hamilton to fifth place or higher, and giving him the points he needs to become champion.

Speaking to The Times, the newspaper he usually chooses to voice his opinions, Ecclestone said:

I don?t think anything?s going to happen if it goes through. In my opinion, they don?t have to change the results of the race ?ǣ it?s an infringement of the regulations. On the same weekend, McLaren used an extra set of tyres, which they shouldn?t have used ?ǣ that was an infringement – so maybe if anything does happen at this Court of Appeal, maybe they?ll treat it exactly the same as the tyres.

The venue of the hearing was switched to London instead of Paris due to an ongoing traffic strike in the French capital.

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  1. Mclaren lying again…recently didnt they say they just want rules clarification. Does’nt look like it now.

  2. Martin Whitmarsh had said this:

    ‘Victory’, for us, would be a clarification of the rationale behind the FIA Stewards’ decision at the 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix – a clarification, indeed, that we regard as essential not only for us but for all our competitors, to enable all teams to race in compliance with the regulation regarding fuel temperatures throughout the 2008 Formula One season.

    That was in an Autosport story titled “McLaren just want rules clarification” (external link).

    But Whitmarsh also said:

    We ourselves lost a constructors’ championship at the International Court of Appeal in 1999 when it was, in effect, retrospectively awarded to Ferrari when the ruling of the stewards that their bargeboards were illegal was overturned.

    And I don’t think anyone seriously believes they’ve brought this appeal not thinking they might get a championship out of it.

  3. “And I don’t think anyone seriously believes they’ve brought this appeal not thinking they might get a championship out of it.” (Keith)

    Mclaren aren’t going to get a championship out of this, Ron’s doing this for his boy wonder!

  4. In saying this: “The driver may be entirely innocent… but he has the benefit of the infringing car. It must be right that if the team is disqualified, the driver loses the points as well.”

    By the same logic, shouldn’t that mean Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso be striped of their 109 points this season? I’m not trying to instigate another McLaren are cheats flame, but seeing as they were found guilty, then I don’t think the lawyer should be using words as such.

  5. Sorry, only just read the follow up part about immunity…! my bad.

  6. Maybe a little agrivation and annoyance to MadMax also! What has McLaren got to loose? I think the disappointment here is most of us thought Ron Dennis was above this sort of foolishness.
    It appears we were wrong!

  7. Ferrari are also at the appeal and their lawyer Nigel Tozzi said this:

    “It would be a serious injustice to Mr Raikkonen were the championship to be taken away from him

    It would be highly damaging for the sport if the title were to won this way with the fans probably feeling it was more about grubby manoeuvring by the lawyers than by skill behind the wheel.

    As McLaren have always said, the championship should be decided on the racetrack and not in the courtroom.

    Tozzi called McLaren, “shameless hypocrites devoid of any integrity”.

    No word on Williams or BMW’s defence yet but BMW’s lawyer Ian Meakin described the appeal as “naked opportunism”.

  8. If McLaren were really gunning for the title, why did they say they just wanted a clarification? If that were the case, they were better off keeping their mouths shut.

    It’s just irritating. I don’t blame them going after the title; what I don’t like is that they’re saying one thing and doing something else. Asking for a clarification is not equal to asking for a disqualification.

  9. Whoops, just saw your post, Keith. Naked opportunism – well put! This transcript should make for good bedtime reading – just like the Spygate transcripts!

  10. True but I think Ferrari are no better than McLaren. Ferrari may say it would be bad for F1 if the championship changed hands in the courtroom, but arguably they won the ’99 and ’07 constructors’ championships that way and they didn’t complain then.

    They’re both equally competitive teams and they’ll win by any means necessary.

  11. Keith I agree ferrari are not adverse to accepting rulings when it goes their way – but things seem to go their way most of the time or is it just me not liking ferrari again?

  12. Well I guess the original spygate verdict didn’t go Ferrari’s way…

  13. Bernie gone how can that be a bad thing

  14. Look at it this way. Bernie grew up in F1, from the 1950s to today. Now, it’s already been stated that he will not be replaced by a single person, but by a board of directors from CVC – in other words, guys in suits – like those ruling the roost at Toyota or Ford. These guys will care even less than Bernie about the racing, trust me. It’ll only be about the profits.

    Better the devil you know…

  15. Hmm. I’m surprised Max didn’t call Bernie’s bluff and give the championship to Lewis. ;)

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