Poll: Did Michael Schumacher retire too soon?

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, Istanbul, 2006Michael Schumacher has topped the testing times for a second consecutive day at the Circuit de Catalunya this week. On the face of it, the seven times champion has lost none of his speed.

Was he wrong to retire from F1 last year?

This poll is closed. Results were as follows:

Yes: 197 (61%)
No: 127 (39%

324 votes cast.

There has long been a suspicion that Michael Schumacher retired earlier than he wanted to because Luca di Montezemolo had signed Kimi Raikkonen. Could Schumacher have beaten Raikkonen if they had been team mates this year – and become champion for an eighth time?

Or, as I suggested in this article, had he seen the writing on the wall long before and picked the right moment to stop?

Could he follow in the footsteps of Niki Lauda, Alan Jones and Nigel Mansell by making a comeback? If so, who would he join?

I know it’s about as likely as me finding I have a talent for rugby, but I’d love to see him at McLaren alongside Lewis Hamilton in 2008.

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19 comments on Poll: Did Michael Schumacher retire too soon?

  1. I voted no as even though schummi has showen his prowess behind a wheel and on a bike – its only practise sessions and at the very start at that and he also seems to be enjoying not having the pressure/critisism of various writers?(gentlemen of the press) – and even if he has kept himself in trim – has he still the desire?

  2. “That being said, should he go to McLaren and lose to Hamilton, it would badly tarnish his legendary status.”

    Nicely put, it probably makes up a large portion of why he probably wouldn’t come back. There’s nothing more to prove, when they have to change the rules just so other people have a chance of beating you, you have gone beyond legendary.

  3. Wesley said on 15th November 2007, 21:05

    I always believed it is best to go out on top so,I voted no.I never was a fan of Michael because of his domination in the sport but,I respect his speed and focus.The man is a true racer.

    your question-“could Schumacher have beaten Raikkonen this year?” absolutely-the team supported Michael.Kimi would have a better chance in another car.

  4. sarah said on 7th March 2008, 14:29

    He could still win a world championship if he wanted, but i can understand that after his failure to win the 2005 and 2006 he would want to retire, whislt still considered the worlds best driver.

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