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Interesting F1 circuit pictures on Google Maps 21st November 2007, 22:46

I’ve just been updating some of the information on visiting F1 tracks and come across some interesting images on Google Maps. You can see the Fuji Speedway as it was before Hermann Tilke got his hands on it, the Shanghai International Circuit under construction and a race going on at Monza

F1 teams to test slick tyres for possible 2009 return

Formula 1 teams will conduct a four-day test on slick tyres in December at Jerez with a view to their re-introduction in 2009. Slick tyres were banned in F1 after the 1997 season as the FIA tried to constrain escalating cornering speeds by imposing the use of grooved tyres. Jerez is the last circuit at […]

F1 07 review: Driver rankings (1/3)

With the wrangling over the championship finishing positions finally over, it’s time to take a look at the drivers of 2007 and rate who were the best racers. These verdicts are entirely my own opinions, so feel free to state a case for any driver you think is ranked too low, and argue against anyone […]

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