F1Fanatic 2008 F1 calendar for Google

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

I’ve been using the free Google Calendar application to keep track of F1 events for a while but I haven’t been able to find one that shows more than just the F1 races.

So I’ve created one of my own which everyone else can also use. It not only lists all the F1 races for 2008 but will also be kept up to date with other relevant details such as test sessions, dates of appeal hearings (expect lots of those) and car launches.

Get the calendar here or see below for an example. You can even embed it in your own website! You will need a Google account (which is free) to use it.

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12 comments on “F1Fanatic 2008 F1 calendar for Google”

  1. thanks for this! I’ve been looking all over the place for a simple calendar like this.

    does anyone no when Mclaren will be launching the 2008 car?
    I could be wrong but aren’t they leaving it a little but to long to replace Alonso?

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