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Lewis Hamilton matches Jenson Button on Top Gear 2nd December 2007, 21:16

Lewis Hamilton made a hotly-anticipated appearance on BBC TV’s Top Gear tonight – no doubt part of a smartly choreographed PR offensive ahead of next Sunday’s Sports Personality of the Year Award. His performance in the celebrated ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ spot will have done his chances no harm. Set the task of […]

“Michael Schumacher: The definitive record” (Christopher Hilton, 2007)

Lewis Hamilton has driven 17 Grands Prix so far and had eight books written about him. At that rate, by the time he’s racked up a tally to rival Michael Schumacher’s 250, vast swathes of forests will have been plundered to record his every movement in microscopic detail. Many would question the point of having […]

“Lewis Hamilton: The People’s Champion” (Bruce Jones, 2007)

This is the sixth Lewis Hamilton biography I’ve reviewed and at ??14.99 it’s among the cheapest. Published by ITV Sport, one would expect this to be targeted towards casual F1 followers rather than dedicated fans. Appropriately enough, “The People’s Champion” is also the title of the work of unintended comic brilliance that is Nigel Mansell’s […]

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