FIA suing Sunday Times over McLaren article

FIA Trailer 2006The FIA are taking legal action against the Sunday Times over an article concerning the McLaren-Ferrari espionage case, according to an article on Pitpass. The complaint appears to relate to an article written by Martin Brundle over the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

That article is still online but carries the notice ‘This article is subject to a legal complaint’. In it, Brundle compares the FIA’s pursuit of McLaren in September this year with Fernando Alonso’s controversial qualifying penalty at Monza last year and the banning of Michelin tyres from the 2003 Italian Grand Prix.

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Due to the legal proceedings potentially concerning the Sunday Times article, please do not quote any portion of it in the comments boxes below.

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17 comments on FIA suing Sunday Times over McLaren article

  1. MacademiaNut said on 11th December 2007, 11:24

    Does the F in FIA stand for Ferrari?

  2. Euan Hogg said on 11th December 2007, 21:56

    Unfortunately MM is in a position of absolute power ( there is a rejoinder there if anyone wants it). Teams who wish to race in F1 have to sign up to an agreement that they will abide by the governing bodies rules and decisions. No where is it written that MM cannot be guilty of croneyism, bad judgement, favouritism, results fixing or megolomania. Consider it part of the exciting world of F1.

    I, like most who follow F1 in this country very much respect MBs contributions to F1 through his commentaries, both verbal and written. What we should be asking is how can we help change the headlong dive F1 is taking at the leadership of MM.

    Kind regards,


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