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Martin Brundle hits back at the FIA over ‘bullying’ 9th December 2007, 10:29

Martin Brundle has hit back at the FIA following the news that the sport’s governing body intends to sue the Sunday Times over one of his articles. In a new piece today entitled “How can Formula One justify blatant double standards?” Brundle defends his earlier claim that the FIA is engaged in a witch-hunt against […]

“Kimi made it at last” (F1 2007 season DVD)

Formula One Management guard the rights to show Formula 1 video with utmost jealousy. The cost of buying and broadcasting Formula 1 footage is so extortionately expensive that even major television news channels will only show the briefest glimpses of race action. The end-of-season video reviews remain the only official way to watch the highlights […]

“Lewis Hamilton: New Kid on the Grid” (Ian Stafford, 2007)

Joining the pile of Lewis Hamilton biographies vying for the consumer pound in the gift-giving season is this effort from Ian Stafford. Does it have anything to make it stand out from its many rivals?

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