Renault confirm Alonso and Piquet Jnr for 2008

2008 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2007 | DaimlerRenault has confirmed its driver line-up for the 2008 season with Fernando Alonso making a widely-anticipated return to the team.

He will be partnered by Brazilian rookie Nelson Piquet Jnr, son of three-times world champion Nelson Piquet.

Piquet takes the place of Heikki Kovalainen, his predecessor as GP2 runner-up and Renault’s previous test driver in 2006.

Kovalainen is expected to be confirmed as Lewis Hamilton’s team mate at McLaren for 2008. Kovalainen had earlier commented that he did not want to be at a team where he would be forced into a number two role, suggesting he did not want to partner Alonso.

Reports suggest Alonso has signed a three-year deal, refuting earlier rumours linking him to a deal with Ferrari for 2009. Renault has also confirmed F3 Euroseries champion and Renault Development Driver Romain Grosjean as a test driver for 2008.

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  1. At least one thing is clear for me.

    A week ago most of the people believed that Renault hasn’t a competitive car, and a long way to do.

    Today, people says that R-28 is a mystery.

    Only with signing Alonso, Renault has improved its image to next season. And also has revaluated a 7% in stock exchange.

    Renault is the best option to Alonso?, impossible to know yet. Alonso is the best option to Renault? absolutely

  2. alan, I’m sure you were bitterly disappointed when the FIA changed rules many times to stop Ferrari from winning, and at the time had something of a Ferrari bias, right? Or have you found your interest for the sport recently and think that everyone’s against McLaren all the time and that Ferrari always has it their way?

  3. surprisingly michael k – I was a ferrari fan for those years and thought that even though the rules changed ferrari was always able to respond thru michael to win races – what has happened is that I have seen what used to happen – info between drivers and teams being subjected to a new type of reasoning – ie you can get information but wont be punished you get an e’m from a another team to youre drivers and the team gets fined and youre development for next year is put on hold for further punishment.
    I did subscibe to shell/ferrari website for many years – there they told you about changes to fuel mixtures etc. – since this year thats cancelled as I dont like hypocrites – you may describe me as that – I wont sue you and you know this week in the race of champions I will still be backing schummie to win – does that answer some of your question?

  4. A lot of personal bickering , not much substance in this thread.

  5. Captain Caveman
    11th December 2007, 17:38

    I would have to agree about the bickering, but at the end of the day if we are passionate it easily happens .

    Anyway I am keen to see how Alonso may be able to challenge next year, Renault have not had a senior driver in the last set of tests and this won’t occur until January, which I am sure will be detrimental. As for the comment Frecon made “Renault is the best option to Alonso?, impossible to know yet. Alonso is the best option to Renault? Absolutely”

    I can really relate to this statement, much has been said about the 6 tenths etc, but there is little doubt that any good driver with combined engineering skills can communicate effectively with the team that will result in x tenths being found during the course of the year. This was always stated by the likes of Blundell, Brundell and Walker during the days of Prost, Senna and Shumi. It is only recently that many of the commentators seem to have distanced themselves from such statements (albeit selective).

    Just waiting for next year and also confirmation as to where Kovi will be seated.

  6. What’s fascinating about the Renault driver pairing is that now, with ‘Nando and Nelsinho, you have TWO moody, imperious, thin-skinned and insecure Latin drivers who feel entitled to special treatment in the same team. Perhaps Flav believes his experience keeping supermodels on a leash will transfer.

  7. Do you think the Barbarian drivers are more secure and less moody?

  8. powerline2007
    12th December 2007, 1:23

    A friend of mine from the UK told me that this may be the “reason” for Max irrational behavior.

    Both Frank Williams & Ron Dennis were both given a award by the British queen for their contributions to motor sports.

    Whereas Max Mosley, also a British, was bypassed. It seems he spoke bitterly about this in an interview with the press but I can’t find that piece.

    For this reason, Max became very angry. Therefore, he wants to throw out the most successful British F1 team i.e. McLaren, & making things very difficult for the British GP.

    I’m an American but perhaps someone from the UK can help to shed some light on this.

  9. I’m sure there’s one reason why Mosley will probably never get an OBE or other which is his political past, and quite rightly so.
    As far as two moody Latinos in one team, I think Flavio will have the skills to literally pimp them in a way that there won’t be many problems.

  10. Oski Eno, if someone says something like this about black or chinese people we’d say he is a racist. If you don’t beleive it have a look at last season posts…

  11. I don’t see why Max Mosley can’t get an honour because he was part of the Fascists, his dad led the Fascists and he got a knighthood (although I don’t know when he got it).

  12. I think history will probably repeat itself with this new combination. I only hope we don’t see any more tantrums from Alonso if Piquet ends up thrashing him like Hamilton did ;-o

  13. To Dave #30: I am Latin, and you might consider that you read into my comment that “all Latins” are like this, because that is your prejudice. Or is it that you are unaware of Nelsinho’s reputation from the lower formula? Perhaps the “supermodel” reference seems anti-women to you. Are you unaware of Mr. Briatore’s reputation?

    Humor requires a shared context. I’m sorry you missed the joke.

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