How much F1 did ITV miss showing adverts in 2007?

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ITV sport logoITV broadcast every round of the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship. But how much of the action was missed during advert breaks?

The total broadcast time for the live races, excluding build-up and analysis, was 26 hours and 46 minutes.

The average race last year was 1hr 34 minutes long (although that figure is slightly high given that some time was spent under red flags during the European Grand Prix while the clock was running).

Last year ITV spent a total of 4hr 6min showing adverts during live race coverage according to Jon McKnight. Each race, ITV typically missed almost a quarter of an hour of action to show advertisements.

(And if British fans aren’t happy I understand that these figures are often even higher for foreign networks).

Between this, dragging their feet on sorting out HD quality footage and the poor standard of ITV’s coverage generally, Britain’s F1 host is badly letting fans down at a time when F1 audiences are increasing rapidly.

At the very least, they should prioritise offering high-definition, advert-free coverage to F1 fans on a subscription basis as soon as possible.

You’d think a company that had lost 47% of its share value in 15 months would be a bit keener to develop a new source of income.

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