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Kimi Raikkonen shows Ferrari speed at Bahrain 5th February 2008, 18:07

Shortly before the start of the 2004 season, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari tested the new Bridgestone tyres at Imola and suddenly found they were whole seconds quicker than the opposition. Kimi Raikkonen’s highly competitive lap times at Bahrain today may have reminded Ferrari’s rivals of that moment. But with only Toyota testing alongside them it’s […]

F1 news review: racism row

The British papers today have some conflicting reports on the reaction in Spain: “Spanish media chose to overlook latest incident” (The Times) “Spanish view: ‘Hooligans’ abuse Hamilton” (Daily Telegraph) I’m not sure I agree with The Times’s opinion piece. Some F1 sites have reported about coverage of the incident in Spain, although it is unclear […]

1985 South African Grand Prix flashback

I never hesitate to grumble when I feel F1’s governing body has done something wrong, so I think they should be applauded for their prompt handling of the racism row that erupted over the weekend. Likewise the Spanish motor sport authorities and the operators of the Circuit de Catalunya have made all the right moves […]

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