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IRL-Champ Car reunion: it’s looking good 8th February 2008, 13:03

More promising news today that not only might the IRL and Champ Car finally re-unify, but they might even do it in time for the 2008 season. This can only be good news for open wheel racing in America. The prospect of Justin Wilson, Graham Rahal, Paul Tracy et al taking on Dan Wheldon, Marco […]

Comparing the 2008 F1 cars

It gets harder and harder to spot the differences between F1 cars. But it’s always interesting to see which teams have copied ideas from their rivals, or given up on a flawed concept – or desperately bolting wings onto any available surface in a desperate bid to increase downforce. This year, wheel shrouds are in, […]

F1 news review: McLaren pulled back into spy row

Top McLaren personnel Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, Paddy Lowe and Mike Coughlan (who is still ‘suspended’ rather than ‘fired’) are among those to face questioning from Italian magistrates conducting their own investigation into the spying case. Plus further developments in the Lewis Hamilton racism row, interviews with past F1 greats Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney, […]

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