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Video: F1 testing at Bahrain (part 4) 11th February 2008, 9:00

Ferrari looked very quick in testing at Bahrain International Circuit last week. Here’s some video from the test and an interview with a very happy-looking Kimi Raikkonen. But it didn’t all go well for the team – there’s some footage of Felipe Massa pulling to a halt with apparent technical problems. Toyota, who were also […]

Alain Prost on the death of Ayrton Senna

Alain Prost has distanced himself from the F1 world since the collapse of his F1 team in 2001. I think it’s a shame the man who is F1’s most prolific champion, besides Michael Schumacher and Juan-Manuel Fangio, and who was one half of F1’s most notorious rivalry, keeps such a low profile these days. So […]

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