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Poll: do you watch F1 and NASCAR? 16th February 2008, 18:15

Formula 1 and NASCAR. Are they polar opposites with entirely different groups of fans, or can you enjoy them both? This poll has now closed – see the F1 and NASCAR poll results. See the results of the previous poll.

F1 2008 testing round-up 8: Jerez

All the teams bar Ferrari and Toyota tested at Jerez this week. McLaren looked fast, but Williams and Red Bull impressed with their speed as well. Next week should provide the first opportunity for several weeks to compare the expected 2008 front runners – McLaren and Ferrari. However teams are expecting rain at the Circuit […]

Buemi handed Sentul trophy by stewards

I expected the stewards to get involved after today’s GP2 Asia race, and they did, but not for the reasons I was expecting! As I suspected Luca Filippi lost his win but it was for having his team mate’s tyres fitted to his car, not for completing an extra lap at the end. Sebastien Buemi […]

Bernie Ecclestone is bored with Formula 1 (updated)

Many thanks to Alex who alerted me to this fascinating interview with Bernie Ecclestone in the Daily Mail. The article does not appear to have been written for Formula 1 fans and so Ecclestone did not get a grilling him on the kind of questions I would put to him – like why a sport […]

Luca Filippi wins bizarre Sentul GP2 Asia race

Just watched the first GP2 Asia race from Sentul – it verged on farce at times but the closing stages were pure drama. Luca Filippi won from Sebastien Buemi, but they were so absorbed on their battle they completed an extra lap, which leaves me wondering if they might be disqualified. The GP2 Asia cars […]

F1 blogs review: Flight difficulties

“Flight difficulties” have caused the FIA to postpone Nigel Stepney’s date with them to discuss the small matter of why he felt compelled to give 780 pages of information about Ferrari’s car to McLaren. Also in the F1 blogs this week the Singapore Grand Prix ticket hotline sees huge demand for tickets to the night […]

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