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Christijan Albers, Tiago Monteiro, MidlandF1-Toyota, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2006 | / Crash.netHere’s a selection of F1 questions I’ve been emailled recently – and my attempts at answering them.

If you’ve got a question do email it in and please help out with any of the requests below if you can…

Ian wrote in with this question:

Has Fuji the next few years hosting the GP – or is it to go back to Suzuka (and when)?

The Fuji Speedway will host the Japanese Grand Prix again this year but it will return to Suzuka in 2009. After that the two venues, Fuji owned by Toyota and Suzuka by Honda, are expected to rotate hosting the Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka held the Japanese Grand Prix from 1987-2006.

Bongs asked:

Does anyone know when the tickets for the Valencia GP will be released? and where is the best place to buy them from?

Tickets for the 2008 European Grand Prix at Valencia go on sale at the end of this month. They’ll be priced between ??200 and ??500 (??149-??372) and you can get them through the official Circuito Urbano Valencia website.

Daniel Oduber wants to know about inter-team crashes:

Hi! Excellent page! I saw the crash between teanmates, but I have a question, who’s the driver that crashed more times with his team mate?

I’ve not got any statistics on it by I’d put money on it being Andrea de Cesaris. The Italian had a lot of incidents in his 214 appearances at a Grand Prix weekend, one of the most memorable was his collision with team mate Alex Caffi at Pheonix in 1989. Caffi was running third when de Cesaris put him in the wall as Caffi tried to lap him…

Mike Gaston asks:

Could you tell me where to look for comparative pre season practice times from 2007? I’m finding this stage of the season quite frustrating since I can’t remember which teams were doing what at this time last year.

I use’s subscription service – as well as having their own testing centre you get access to the comprehensive Forix database, both of which have testing data going back several years. It’s not free, but it’s worth it.

Finally can anyone help out with this difficult question from Bruce Miller:

I am trying to find a web site where I can watch the 2008 season. I am now in a remote jungle location, but with satellite Internet but no access to TV or the Speed channel. Is that a web site where one can subscribe in order to watch the races during the season? Cheers from the jungles of Belize.

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