Poll: should F1 have push-to-pass?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Takuma Sato, Fuji Speedway, 2007 | Charles Coates / LAT PhotographicNext year F1 cars will have to use KERS which will allow them to re-use energy generated under braking. The FIA intends for drivers to be able to used the stored energy to get an 80bhp power boost on-demand.

Other series like A1 Grand Prix use similar systems called ‘push to pass’ where drivers can use a limited number of power boosts per race to aid overtaking.

Is this the kind of thing F1 needs to spice up the show – or just another gimmick that solves nothing?

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I like the idea of better racing in F1 – by which I don’t simply mean more overtaking, but also allowing drivers to race closer to each other.

I don’t think push to pass systems actually create better racing. Watching A1GP and Champ Car last year – two series which feature push-to-pass systems – it was clear that not only were drivers using P2P to overtake, but the drivers in front were also using it to defend.

This stalemate meant very little extra passing actually happened at all – at least not as a result of push-to-pass.

The best kind of racing is where two closely matched cars dogfight for position, each driver trying to dupe the other into running wide or off-line. Having a simple button that gives one driver a massive power boost takes away the thrill of a genuinely excellent overtaking move.

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