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??Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story?? - F1Fanatic.co.uk blurb

I’ve just finished reading Alan Henry’s new book “The Top 100 F1 Drivers of All Time” – I’ll be posting the review as usual on Sunday. But I got a pleasant surprise when I flipped through the back pages and found the publishers had printed a portion of my review of Mark Hughes’ “Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story” as an endorsement.

This is the first time one of my book review has been quoted by a publisher and I’m delighted they are starting to get noticed. Seeing ‘F1Fanatic.co.uk’ on the page next to the Sunday Times, Autosport and The Observer certainly put a grin on my face.

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  1. Keith, best wishes on the recognition the website has just achieved- it speaks tremendously to your credibility in the F1 industry to be quoted in such a manner. While I can still be considered a newcomer here, I can certainly understand how the site has developed such an excellent reputation- the setting here is one of good spirits where F1 fans of all backgrounds, nationalities and levils of experience with the sport can discuss F1 as sportsmen and friends. Keep up the great work!!

    Also, your coverage of F1 in the United States, and apparent support for getting the USGP back in some capcity is greatly appreciated by all of us on this side of the Atlantic- thanks again!

  2. Congratulations Keith!

    You have proved to many people (like me), there is more things in F1 besides drivers and cars. There is also other stuff, like the books you have reviewed here, which deserves to be known by us.

  3. Congratulations.

    Quoted ahead of Autosport. Now that is something worth advertising.

    Second to James Allen though. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

    Well done.

  4. Congratulations Keith!

    Good luck with the upcoming season. Perhaps the worst that can happen with all this recognition, and the liveblogging during the races, is that you have to buy even more servers!

  5. congratulations keith.. good job

  6. Well done Keith, it’s a great website and should be noted. Keeps my interest up during the winter months. Can’t wait till 16th March!!

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