Ecclestone wants French Grand Prix in Paris from 2009

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed what many people were saying last year, that he wants to move the French Grand Prix from Magny-Cours to Paris in 2009. I wouldn’t be sorry to see the back of the Circuit Nevers – it’s too flat and featureless for my liking.

Presumably Ecclestone wants another new street circuit in addition to Valencia and Singapore (new this year) and Abu Dhabi (new next year).

With that in mind, I’ve designed a possible track for him:

Starting alongside the Eiffel Tower the cars race along the Seine before turning left and crossing the river. After a few more left turns they head down the other side of the Seine, past the Palais de Chaillot before picking up a long straight back over the river again.

The sharp hairpin at the end provides an overtaking opportunity, followed by some technical turns as the cars return to the start/finish line and pits.

If you want you can try your hand at designing a French Grand Prix track using Quikmaps – here are some instructions and post links to your tracks below.

Photo copyright: Williams / LAT

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