New rumours say Ron Dennis to quit this week

The Sunday Times claims Ron Dennis will hand over the role of chief executive at McLaren to Martin Whitmarsh this week. According the newspaper Dennis had planned to relinquish his role in the team at the end of 2007 but postponed the change because of the espionage affair.

The story alleges Dennis’s decision to step down is of his own choosing and not because of pressure from Mercedes, which was claimed by Marca last week.

But if Dennis does quit this week there will surely still be questions about whether he jumped or whether he was pushed.

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28 comments on New rumours say Ron Dennis to quit this week

  1. oliver said on 2nd March 2008, 12:44

    If indeed he does leave, I’m sure it will be to protect Mclaren from ridicule, since apparently the whole spygate affair had been personalized and directed towards Ron.

  2. Despite being a Ferrari fan, I’d be gutted if Ron left McLaren, as it would mean that they wouldn’t have a natural leader to see them through the most difficult period in their history (Martin Whitmarsh doesn’t seem dominant enough to take control). Hopefully he will stay and steer McLaren through the crisis, like Jean Todt did at Ferrari last year after the departures of Brawn and Schumacher. Without Dennis to guide them, McLaren could crumble under the pressure from Ferrari, Williams, BMW etc.

  3. Ron can be annoying, but he also cares deeply. I think he probably planned to retire on the back of winning the world championship last year. He may have even promised his wife that I suppose.

    But his team needs him. He wants to win one last time. And I would be happy, after all he’s been through, to see him blubbing tears of joy come the end of the season.

  4. Architrion said on 2nd March 2008, 15:12

    Yes, I agree. He is a mother of carity, who was born to take care those that don’t have a bed to sleep…. No one can remember a single affair in his years in fron of McLaren, even a single loud word. In fact, I was waiting for the first multirole Nobel award to be given to Ron, you know, because of his discoveries in Economy (100 million $ fin), Physics (How to be and not to be at the same time, how to spy and not to know, best of cuantic theory), and Peace (the way he managed the Alonso-Hamilton duel is to be written in history books).

    God. I’d like to get the same treatment Ron is receiving if I’m succesful destroying my business, because the usual thing that should happen is to be jailed by the owners after trashing 100 million $.

  5. Architrion said on 2nd March 2008, 15:43

    One thing I forgot. Could it be that Ron has been fired and Mercedes has bought what he needs to own McLaren? Ouch… that must hurt british proud…. to know that each McLaren victory is because of German power….

  6. ninguen said on 2nd March 2008, 15:55

    If the source is only marca you shoudln´t waste your time mumbling about it, it will probably be only b******* made in hte office bored with no news to talk about
    Seriouslly, the sports newspaper in spain are the owrst, and their somilarities with periodism is only a matter o coincidence, not a matter of hard work.
    At least if it would be a normal newspaper

  7. Martin is more than capable of taking the reins but I would prefer Ron to stay on. We keep losing all the characters from the pitlane – EJ, Peter Sauber, Stoddy etc…

  8. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 2nd March 2008, 16:22

    Last week the only source was Marca and as I wrote at the time there was good reason not to believe it. However the Times claim to have a source of their own.

  9. I do not care much whether he stays or he goes. He planned to retire anyway and he groomed Whitmarsh to take over. Now the question is more about the timing of his departure. If he leaves now few will believe it was his own decision …

    No matter how trustworthy the Marca paper may be, the very lame response from McLaren to all the buzz Marca’s story created is weird… Perhaps they did not really know how to respond …

  10. Architrion said on 2nd March 2008, 17:06

    if I take my opportunity to say Ron isn’t sor Teresa isn’t because reading Marca has twisted my mind. It’s because I’ve been watching Formula 1 for 20 years and Mr Dennis has taken a lot of fire since then. We could remember his management between Lauda and Prost and what Niki said about Ron…. and how Prost was pushed out of McLaren, and Senna later… or what was behind the curtain before the current pact between teams could be signed. All teams are fiery rivals, but it’s a common fact Ron isn’t a funny guy with lot of friends between his principal mates. 10 of 10 of them would be happy watching him go (don’t believe what they say after the guy is gone) and it would not happen with any other principals… I’m sure that if Frank Williams was to be fired every one in the paddock would feel pain.

    One thing I would clarify… I read lots of british press instead of Marca and As. I would say that 12-2 more or less. So I won’t let taking fire from that flank.

  11. oliver said on 2nd March 2008, 17:18

    Frank Williams fired? Are you sure u know your F1? Anyway, Ron has his own style which I believe is born out of his own rise from the lower ranks into being a successful team owner. There is no free lunch, you have to compete to establish your supremacy, its not a role assigned freely.

  12. One and done; one more driver’s and/or constructor’s title and he can retire with glory as opposed to shame attached to his name. But you know Ferrari (Luca) will continue their bleating and whining over last years controversies. Indeed, I don’t think Luca or Jean will ever let it go. It’s their nature to be relentless when the enemy is down. Which is why Ron as the figurehead has to eventually go.

    If Renault manage to out pace Ferrari this year Luca will blame the IP they stole from McLaren, who in turn stole it from Ferrari.

  13. Oliver I think Architron is suggesting that people would be more sad to see Frank fired than Ron. Frank has more friends etc.

    Ron has always been prickly and always been difficult. And he’s not always done right by everyone either. His team has to win. But I don’t like to see him pushed out like this. That’s my feeling.

  14. So Ron is no angel? – could anyone think that the business of F1 could last without some hard cases – if a competitor has an advantage – you have to nullify or equal it – Sport/money is not earned by fools it is wasted(fia fines excluded – ps where has that gone then MAX?- RSVP pls)- the ferrari witch hunt/comedy – they won(not) and you still want blood – big ron was a leader – like him or not he made mclaren (with a german engine – merde) – but if he goes I would love it to be on a high rather than with – we are banned from use of offensive language here – tiffosi!! gloating – said it sorry Keith – come on this season so we can see what happens on the track

  15. Gman said on 2nd March 2008, 21:50

    Alan, I agree with many of your feelings on Ron’s situation. I am a newcomer to this sport, but it appears Ron has been a major guiding force in F1 for many years now, and for that he deserves some credit.

    It may be very ture that, as some of you have suggested, he would have retired had McLaren won one or both of the championships. After being on the path to both, only to lose them to very disappointing circumstances, perhaps we need to wonder if he’s had enough of the tough times and wants to hand off control to allow McLaren to begin the Whitmarsh/Hamiltion era on a fresh sheet of paper.

    Regardless of when he steps aside, I hope he can ride off with some respect from the F1 community, even from those who have rooted against McLaren over the years.

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