F1Fanatic’s third birthday redesign

I’m delighted to mark F1Fanatic’s third birthday by revealing a brand new design and lots of new features.

Continue reading for more on the redesign and new stuff on the site this year.

The new look

The F1Fanatic redesign was created by Dreamfly.

Thanks to all of you who completed the survey last year on the site design and contributed ideas on how to make the site better. I hope you agree the new look is more attractive and also easier to understand. Here are some of the changes in detail:


The old font used for every F1Fanatic logo since the site began in 2005 has been dropped – I think the new one is slicker, more distinctive and recognisable.


Many of you said you wanted to be able to follow discussions more easily. The two new menus on the right are part of the attempt to improve that. At a click you can see the most popular posts and where the biggest discussions are taking place.


Instant links to information about drivers, races and teams. I’ve spent quite a bit of time revising and expanding the driver biographies, and the team and circuit pages are brand-new.

Some recent posts have been designed to look best in the new layout: here’s one example.

I’ll write more about the deeper changes to the site later.

Spotted a problem?

There are bound to be technical glitches with a brand new design and I’m going to be working hard over the next few days to get everything working properly.

If you do spot a technical glitch please send me an email or leave a comment below. And if any of you can suggest solutions to those problems that would be magnificent!

Please do give me any feedback on the new site as well – what you like, what you don’t like, stuff that’s gone missing, anything…

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63 comments on F1Fanatic’s third birthday redesign

  1. Darryl said on 5th March 2008, 13:31

    Congrats on the new design. I can see where you’re going with it from some of the above posters screenshots, however in my IE6, its a mess. The top posters box expands to fill the screen and all other content drops down below. And there is plenty of free space on the right. I agree with the others that a centre based view would be good.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. openwheel said on 5th March 2008, 13:43

    Love it Keith.  Happy 3rd I did not recognize it at first even with the warning.  Looks great.

  3. Kirk said on 5th March 2008, 13:54

    Oooh, shiny!

    Definitely the best new chassis on the grid :-D

  4. Happy Birthday to F1Fanatic
    The new look is really great. Stylish and modern.

    Keep up the good work Keith. :D

  5. Love the new site!!!Thanks Keith!

  6. Uppili said on 5th March 2008, 16:16

    The new look for the site is awesome! Well done Keith and happy birthday f1fanatic!!

  7. Steven Roy said on 5th March 2008, 17:51

    It looks really good Keith.  Well worth all your time and effort.

    My only slightly negative comment has been mentioned before is the footer.  Unless I had read your intro I would never have looked there as I rarely go past the bottom of the commets box on any site.  I like the layout of the footer and will follow some of the links when I get time but it would be a shame if a lot of people missed it.

  8. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 5th March 2008, 18:22

    Thanks so much for the feedback so far everyone I will look into many of these ideas for future changes to the site.

  9. Stephen Dunn said on 5th March 2008, 18:30

    The new site does look great, is clean and easy to navigate – yours is really the only site I am using nowadays, its that good.

    I also agree with previous comments.  the categories section is rather "lost" as a footer.  If you raised it towards  the top of the page, it would be invaluable as an aid for people entering the site just before races who want to check out details and track etc. Its a minor point only – congratulations on the best F1 site both in content and now looks.

  10. Rocco Siffredi said on 5th March 2008, 18:54

    The new design is excellent! This has been my favourite blog since I started actively collecting F1 videos and insightful articles/analyses/reviews back in 2006.
    Two thumbs up:)

  11. sambo said on 5th March 2008, 19:50

    wow!  long overdue update to the site design, but boy was it worth the wait.  Looks amazing.

  12. jay said on 5th March 2008, 21:21

    looks great happy b day

  13. Arnet said on 5th March 2008, 21:48

    Just want to add my congrats! I will agree with the constructive feedback you’ve received, but the look is fresh and clean. Very nice update.

  14. Well – What can I say but happy third and the don’t it look good as well Keith – many thanks for an admirable outlet for our angst and the good info /insight on F1 – it’s been rocky at times – what with the server issues last year and that bleep comments editing tool – but looking forward too a great new season again well done Keith !!!

  15. Scott Joslin said on 5th March 2008, 22:24

    Looking great! Happy Birthday F1Fanatic! Here’s to a great 2008!

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