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2008: Predictions 10th March 2008, 11:00

What are your predictions for 2008? Here are mine… Who will have the best car? Ferrari. On balance, an F2007 was the car to have last year, and at the very least I expect them to have slightly increased their advantage over McLaren. Will anyone other than McLaren and Ferrari win a race? If it […]

Video: Australian GP preparations

Just a quick clip to whet your appetite… The weather’s set to be good but I thought it was odd this local news team didn’t ask about the ongoing story concerning the future of the Australian Grand Prix. Apparently the race organisers have offered to move the start time even further back next year. This […]

Has Ferrari stopped Italy producing world champion drivers?

Former Minardi team owner Giancarlo Minardi reckons they have: Ferrari paralyses the growth of young drivers by attracting the interest of companies to its championship, but the team is changing direction and, therefore, I hope that it will start to give opportunities for young talent to take part in a few days of testing. Italy […]

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