2008: Predictions

What are your predictions for 2008? Here are mine…

Who will have the best car? Ferrari. On balance, an F2007 was the car to have last year, and at the very least I expect them to have slightly increased their advantage over McLaren.

Will anyone other than McLaren and Ferrari win a race? If it rains I’d put some money on Fernando Alonso, otherwise not.

How will Williams do? I think they’ll score points consistently early in the season but be overtaked by Renault and BMW as the season goes on.

Who will win the first race? Kimi Raikkonen.

Will traction control make the racing better? Perhaps a little – I think we’ll see a few more mistakes and more drivers suffering tyre degradation.

What word will have the suffix ‘-gate’ added to it? Lewis.

What will be the biggest surprise of the year? Honda won’t be as bad as everyone expects.

Which driver will be dropped first? Rubens Barrichello.

Who will be the most impressive rookie? Timo Glock.

What will be the biggest political issue of the year? The combined problem of the economic downturn, containing costs, small teams in jeopardy and the legality of customer cars.

Champion driver and team? Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari.

Make your predictions for the year below…

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