Video: Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen investigated over blocking

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Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen have been summoned to appear before the Malaysian Grand Prix stewards to answer questions about why they apparently delayed BMW’s Nick Heidfeld and Renault’s Fernando Alonso on their final qualifying laps.

The penalty for delaying other drivers in qualifying is typically five grid places – which would move the back from third and fourth to eighth and ninth. Should they be penalised?

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  1. When watching the qualifying the only car I saw at that moment impeding others was Timo Glock. And he was also immediately a topic of the commenators on Star TV. Apparently no drivers complained about Glock, so he was not investigated and penalized.

  2. And again we see another episod of soap opera … after just two qualifications FIA will make changes according to autosport
    did all we tired about these rules changes ?
    "And it is the fear of an accident that has prompted calls for a maximum lap time rule to be introduce from the next race in Bahrain to ensure there is no future repeat of the incident."
    Safety is only aspect what is described here … BUT what excactly will hapen when driver is moving with min allowed speed and some other driver trying to pass him with racing speed ? We see it in every race … no matter how fast someone is, he can’t pass on every place on track … so drivers will be forced to drive outside ot racing line with some minimal speed just to be sure not blocking someone … it’s strange for me …

  3. Absolutely.
    You want to stop blocking after qualifying has finished?
    Have an exit lane to the pits 100-200 metres after the finish line.  The drivers who have finished their last hot lap would be off the racing line – and off the track – and on a scenic route back to the pits.
    Seems simple to me.

  4. Think Lewis should avoid these thing. What I concluded from–profile.htm
    Hamilton is a rising star with lots of achievements in his kitty and these acts leave a bad impression about him.

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