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Jean-Marie Balestre, 1921-2008 28th March 2008, 21:49

I was saddened this evening to learn of the death of Jean-Marie Balestre. Balestre was the president of the Commision Sportive Internationale from 1978, and formed the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA), the fore-runner of today’s FIA. He became president of the FIA in 1986 (despite having a coronary artery by-pass graft that same […]

The Ben Evans column: ITV aren’t bad

Another early start for the UK’s armchair fans unfortunately didn?t equate to another exciting race last Sunday. Ferrari dominated and McLaren floundered – with Lewis Hamilton struggling get close to Mark Webber?s Red Bull and Jarno Trulli?s Toyota, let alone actually make a move. Yes he may have been driving for points (in the second […]

“Brands Hatch” (Chas Parker)

If you go to Brands Hatch today it’s hard to imagine it being used as a Formula 1 circuit. It’s narrow, steep and the barriers (and crowd) are far too close to the track for the FIA or Bernie Ecclestone’s liking. At its peak, Brands Hatch held up to four races for Formula 1 cars […]

Ecclestone on Hamilton and Raikkonen

It’s always interesting to hear what the most powerful man in Formula 1 thinks of the sport’s drivers. Bernie Ecclestone hailed Lewis Hamilton as the new Michael Schumacher and said he wants to see a rivalry developed between him and world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

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