Max Mosley yet to respond to lurid sex video claims in British newspaper

Max Mosley, FIA Gala, 2006, 470150

You might be wondering why I’ve taken so long to respond to the sordid allegations about Max Mosley’s private life in today’s News of the World.

Well, first of all, I’ve been at Brands Hatch watching the touring cars all day! But more importantly, this is a shocking story and I thought it wise to take time over my response.

If you’re after the gory details you can find the story here and (if you really must) there’s even a video. The first thing to acknowledge is there’s been no official reaction from Mosley as yet.

Although other British newspapers have quickly picked up the story, the silence on the major F1 news sites is deafening. At the time of writing,,, and many others have not mentioned it.

It’s all over the forums and blogs, of course. The Times’s writer Ed Gorman asks if Mosely can survive, Ollie at BlogF1 expects fall-out for either Mosley or the News of the World and Axis asks if it’s linked to McLaren being moved down the pit lane (hmm…).

Outside Britain it’s already being reported in Germany and Italy.

Shortly after the story was published the link to it on the News of the World’s website stopped working, suggesting it had been taken down. However it is now available once again.

There’s not much to be added to the story until a confession or denial is issued. I can’t claim to be an expert on assessing whether videos and photographs have been faked or not.

The News of the World’s story makes a lot of references to ‘Nazi-style’ behaviour, but it’s not clear from the evidence whether that’s actually an accurate description. British tabloids do like to link anything even remotely unseemly with Nazism, as the Daily Star did with the Lewis Hamilton racism story. Given the fascist past of Mosley’s family, it’s an obvious connection to make.

But even the the ‘Nazi’ angle is fantasy, the other details (assuming they are true) will be considered by many to be sufficiently unpleasant to make Mosley’s position untenable.

The News of the World is owned by News Corporation, which is the parent company of the Sunday Times. That newspaper faces a lawsuit instigated by Mosley following Martin Brundle’s reportage of the McLaren-Ferrari spy scandal. The News of the World is known for running such exposes including a series of scoops landed by Mazher Mahmood (the ‘Fake Sheikh‘).

It’s important to remember that at this stage nothing has been proved. But as last year McLaren were thrown out of the constructors’ championship for breaching article 151 (c) of the International Sporting Code (“acts prejudicial […] to the interests of motor sport generally”), then even though this rule does not apply to Mosley, the principle should.

In the meantime he is understood to be consulting his lawyers. Check back for further updates as the story develops.

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70 comments on Max Mosley yet to respond to lurid sex video claims in British newspaper

  1. I cannot believe this stuff is true. How these people can be caught and filmed is such situations?. I have always thought they have these things from others, and they rule the rules. 

    Why leaving the trace unless everybody there are trustful or accomplice people?

  2. Cooperman said on 31st March 2008, 12:56

    I’m no fan of Mosely’s (by quite a long way; this the man who at every opportunity last year told anyone who would listen that Ron Dennis had no morals) but I honestly can’t see anyone coming out of this one in a positive light. That includes Mosely, the FIA, the sport we all love, Bernie, the drivers, etc.

    On a human level it’s Max’s family I feel sorry for.
    Don’t suppose its been a good weekend for them…

  3. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 31st March 2008, 14:01

    This scandal needs a name. How about "The Full Mosley"?

    Any other suggestions? Bonus point if it doesn’t involve the word ‘gate’…

  4. Michael K said on 31st March 2008, 14:24

    How about "Spanking the Monkey" ? :D

  5. Michael K said on 31st March 2008, 14:36

    or "Max’s whip around for a spanking new set of morals"

  6. verasaki said on 31st March 2008, 15:06

    how about a $100 million fine for bringing the sport into disrepute. oh, revenge can be sooooo sweet.

  7. FLIG said on 31st March 2008, 15:07

    I know this is the F1 blog, and I’m a big f1 fan, but I obviously can’t help it and talk about these problems. As I said previously, if you are a racist or a nazi, you’re in big trouble nowadays. Not saying Max is one, but just think about it. If he is, he has to say all these lies (Like "the spanish racists are to be punished because racism is wrong", or making a campaign against something you believe in!) with a smile on. How does one deal with that? It’s certainly not very nice. And obviously, you don’t control what "gets you going", and, as ninguen said, if it were bunnies, no one would complain. If Nazi sex is what gets him going, what the hell is he supposed to do? Stop having sex? Now THAT would definitely interfere on how well he performs his job. It is obvious that the more the crusade against racism goes, the more we will get of that kind of row. You can’t even think anymore. Everywhere you see people saying "racists are half wits", "all racists are idiots" or "this is completely unnacceptable behaviour". Not easy to deal with, don’t you think?
    I agree with all those who said that what he does in his private life is no one else’s business. Lots of people have sordid fantasies, and more yet: Everyone despises different things. No one is "pure" when it comes to that.

  8. Michael K said on 31st March 2008, 15:39

    FLIG, your complaints about how racists are treated in today’s world are nothing short of stupid, dum, dimwitted,etc..
    As for "It is obvious that the more the crusade against racism goes, the more we will get of that kind of row." How is that sentence supposed to be understood? I think you mean the more racists are haunted, the less easy it gets for them to have naziesque spanking sessions.

    Forgive me Keith, but it had to be said, I would suggest you delete his comment and mine too…

  9. Michael K said on 31st March 2008, 15:41

    One more thing, FLIG, in your narrowminded world, what about pedophiles, are they just supposed to stop having sex as well? I think you should rise to their defence too while you’re at it.
    Please Keith, delete at will…

  10. D Winn said on 31st March 2008, 15:55

    How about the ‘SMosley Incident

  11. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 31st March 2008, 15:56

    I realise this is a lurid subject and I do want people to be able to discuss it here (elsewhere on the internet these discussions are being closed). But can we please keep it reasonably clean, however strong we disagree on certain points (see the comment policy for more).

    I have had to edit one or two comments above, which I ordinarily don’t like to do, but if I have to I will delete stuff as I’m not a global publishing house with armies of lawyers at my disposal to fight libel suits!

  12. openwheel said on 31st March 2008, 16:00

    The video is gone off of utube here in the states.  We just had a govenor resign for paying for it.  So I guess that what you do in your free time is only applicable to us lowlly masses.  Why would he allow a video camera in the room.  He should resign for sheer stupidity.

  13. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 31st March 2008, 16:04

    "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by News International Limited"

    Mmm…  irony.

  14. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 31st March 2008, 16:32

    I have deleted three further comments since my last comment. This blog is not for people to conduct personal arguments with one another.

  15. FLIG said on 31st March 2008, 17:21

    And there it is.
    Sorry, Keith, I tried to make it as impersonal and as related to the subject as I could. But you are right, this is about F1 and Max. Who, I shall say again, I’m not sure should keep his role in F1. But his sexual preferences and ideology should not be the basis to judge his continuity.

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