Max Mosley yet to respond to lurid sex video claims in British newspaper

Max Mosley, FIA Gala, 2006, 470150

You might be wondering why I’ve taken so long to respond to the sordid allegations about Max Mosley’s private life in today’s News of the World.

Well, first of all, I’ve been at Brands Hatch watching the touring cars all day! But more importantly, this is a shocking story and I thought it wise to take time over my response.

If you’re after the gory details you can find the story here and (if you really must) there’s even a video. The first thing to acknowledge is there’s been no official reaction from Mosley as yet.

Although other British newspapers have quickly picked up the story, the silence on the major F1 news sites is deafening. At the time of writing,,, and many others have not mentioned it.

It’s all over the forums and blogs, of course. The Times’s writer Ed Gorman asks if Mosely can survive, Ollie at BlogF1 expects fall-out for either Mosley or the News of the World and Axis asks if it’s linked to McLaren being moved down the pit lane (hmm…).

Outside Britain it’s already being reported in Germany and Italy.

Shortly after the story was published the link to it on the News of the World’s website stopped working, suggesting it had been taken down. However it is now available once again.

There’s not much to be added to the story until a confession or denial is issued. I can’t claim to be an expert on assessing whether videos and photographs have been faked or not.

The News of the World’s story makes a lot of references to ‘Nazi-style’ behaviour, but it’s not clear from the evidence whether that’s actually an accurate description. British tabloids do like to link anything even remotely unseemly with Nazism, as the Daily Star did with the Lewis Hamilton racism story. Given the fascist past of Mosley’s family, it’s an obvious connection to make.

But even the the ‘Nazi’ angle is fantasy, the other details (assuming they are true) will be considered by many to be sufficiently unpleasant to make Mosley’s position untenable.

The News of the World is owned by News Corporation, which is the parent company of the Sunday Times. That newspaper faces a lawsuit instigated by Mosley following Martin Brundle’s reportage of the McLaren-Ferrari spy scandal. The News of the World is known for running such exposes including a series of scoops landed by Mazher Mahmood (the ‘Fake Sheikh‘).

It’s important to remember that at this stage nothing has been proved. But as last year McLaren were thrown out of the constructors’ championship for breaching article 151 (c) of the International Sporting Code (“acts prejudicial […] to the interests of motor sport generally”), then even though this rule does not apply to Mosley, the principle should.

In the meantime he is understood to be consulting his lawyers. Check back for further updates as the story develops.

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70 comments on Max Mosley yet to respond to lurid sex video claims in British newspaper

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  1. Rabi said on 1st April 2008, 1:59

    Well in a way I’m glad this happened as Mosley was absolutely useless from day one for the sport. Seriously I only wish it would have happened sooner.

    In any case if the allegations are true then he has to resign and Cooperman presents an interesting argument – was he framed? 

    Also I do remember Keith asking everyone to predict the largest and most controversial "-gate" that could engulf the season, well I’m sure if the stories are true and Mosley doesn’t resign then spankgate will win, especially when he goes to the European circuits.   

  2. Loki said on 1st April 2008, 2:25

    Haha, "Spankgate" … winner! :D

  3. benji said on 1st April 2008, 17:07

    well I won’t go into the history of Mr Moselys time at ther FIA but his autocratic style has lead to some very poor rule changes and there has been a huge amount of pro ferrari partiality. I for one won’t be sorry to see the arrogant **** go.

  4. Gman said on 2nd April 2008, 2:14

    Many of you make some very good points in terms of Max losing credibility and respect among groups who may be deeply offended by this, such as the German constructors and the German tracks and their administrations. In reading the comments many of you have made over the last several days on this, it’s good to see many fellow posters take a strong stance against these types of actions.

    One of the aspects of this story that has stirred strong feelings in me is that the same disgusting feelings displayed in Mosley’s roleplaying have hit right here the community where I currently attend school. There are several synagogues located in the neighborhood surrounding my university, and over the weekend one of them was defaced with Nazi-themed graffiti. The synagogue in question is located no more than 1000 feet from my dorm building, and these actions have sparked absolute outrage in the local community. Local citizens have currently collected a reward of $5,000(and growing) to put towards the capture and conviction of the offenders.

    My point with this is that anti-semitic acts and emotions- on a locla or international level- are absolutley unacceptable. This behavior has no place polluting the greatest form of motor sports in the world, in a series that calls itself the "world championship."

    The sooner Max steps down, the better.

  5. I think it’s entirely out of order , when you consider that the FIA is dealing with two major German firms and the major Japenese firms have very strict moral codes in the workplace and business . He should have some honour and go . Maybe he can get a job in the West End – is " The Producers " still running ?

  6. Ratboysmisses said on 3rd April 2008, 15:29

    Thats awful, oh well it made me laugh. Its a disgrace to the name of racing.

  7. KempstonBob said on 3rd April 2008, 19:35

    In my view Mosley should be asked to resign or face being sacked.  If he is is attempting to take the Newspapers concerned to court for ‘Breach of Privacy’ then he must have, by inference, commited some or all of the acts described by the articles.

    Whilst it is clear that the sporting regulations do not specifically mention that they are binding to Competitor and Official alike the spririt of the Code would imply that they do and therefore in my opinion, and those of my friends, he has ‘Brought the Sport into Disrepute’ (Article 151 c)

  8. catherine said on 3rd April 2008, 21:31

    As well as being sacked his truly ‘wonderful’ father should be stripped of the title ‘sir’ how on earth did he get this? this country amazes me with its crooked justice,racism and stupid government, thank god for lewis hamilton he is the best.

  9. I think its good to see max up to his neck in it. I  am afraid that
    what goes around comes around..
    WUNDERBAR…  On your way out Max please switch off the

  10. Jon Webb said on 6th April 2008, 17:23

    Well he stiched up Ron Dennis last season, I woul just love it if it was Ron who got his own back, if so Mr. Dennis you have the same ideals as me, revenge is sweet.

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