Bahrain snub piles pressure on Mosley

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Max Mosley, Red Bull, 2006, 270150

As a few people have mentioned in the comments the Crown Prince of Bahrain has told Max Mosley not to attend this weekend’s Grand Prix following his refusal to step down over the sex scandal. (Oddball posted the letter here).

I think it’s further proof of what I wrote two days ago, that Mosley cannot perform his job effectively with this hanging over him and he should step down, at least temporarily, while he sorts it out. The Times’s Ed Gorman wrote something similar in his blog (elsewhere in the same blog Gorman claims it was Mosley who told Bernie Ecclestone to move McLaren to the last slot in the pit garage).

Elsewhere, a rather different take on the story is offered in The Guardian and Pitpass is sticking up for him.

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  1. It doesn’t matter who is sticking up for him, no-one ever survives this sort of thing. He’ll be gone by Monaco.

  2. You can be sure of the fact that they are currently negotiating with Max under which circumstances he agrees to leave. Maybe Max is realistic enough to see that he has only money to gain from this, maybe he his a power-hungry so and so. He will either go by himself or he will be pushed out, and I think for the pushing to really gain momentum the Bahrain GP is needed as everyone who is powerful in F1 will be there and I’m sure they’ll meet to discuss what steps to take.

  3. German car makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz have issued a joint statement labeling FIA president Max Mosley’s behaviour as ‘disgraceful’

  4. Vertigo, I’ll give him a week before he wanders off (on all fours no doubt!) into the sunset …..

  5. Toyota and Honda now added to the list of teams contacting the FIA

  6. joint BMW and Mercede’s statement

    Toyota has issued this statement as well

    looks like today is the day we see the teams speak regarding this matter.

  7. and Honda too! excellent, this is better than pro wrestling!

  8. .. and the pressure continues to grow…
    F1 teams call on the FIA to act,18954,3213_3379203,00.html

    ‘Max should quietly turn into the pit lane’,18954,3213_3379133,00.html

  9. Now Max has said BMW and Mercedes-Benz should have contacted him first  – before criticising  him for something which may not be true.

  10. The beginning of the end is nigh…good riddance.

  11. The Red Army is entering Berlin.  It is only a matter of time now.

  12. According to the BBC, Max said:
    "Given the history of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War, I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications. "Unfortunately they did not contact me before putting out their statement to ask whether the content was in fact true. "No doubt the FIA will respond to them in due course, as I am about to respond to the newspaper in question."

    Interesting (& somewhat distasteful) how he turned his problems round to have a pop at the history of BMW and Mercedes (especially given the history of Mosley himself and his family).

    He can’t have long to go now.

  13. I do agree with The Guardian and Pitpass, not with Mosley. I´m not with him for plenty obvious reasons. I do not belong to his world, although all belong to the same one, what I mean is that this chap is in the high, with the chaps who rule the rules. I´m pretty sure that he has broken their rules at some stage, but what we cannot allow is to transform our standar of life in a huge Big Brother, wich is what is happenning everyday. Look at your TV and tell me what is on. The Masters are washing our brains (trying I mean, pretty successfully I must say in a large amount of people) to tell us what to do and what not to do, what is right (for all of us dont forget, this rule does not count for them) and what isnt. And they have the most powerful of the tools, The Media. 
    Listen, this is not a coincidence. Max is going to pay for something which is not a sexual party, and nobody will never know what was it.
    I do not feel sorry for him, he is part of the game, but this game is getting too dirty. The good thing is some people wake up and realises what is behind courtins, wich is bad for the people who rule the rules.
    My dearest Crown Prince of Bahrain I´d like to know who are you to match our moral standars, because you could be next on the screen. At the moment you rule a dictatorship, and nobody says anything, because you are a money´s friend.
    This chaps are trying to keep us up whith this type of things, so we wont think much of, starvation, AIDs, violation of human rights, killings, unstopable rising of prices of basic goods, and so on. The list is endless.
    I know this is not the forum to complain of it, but I do not want to be part of this show, and lets speak about F1, so we all will have our portion of happines and can carry on within our Brave New World, wich is by now Brave old World.
    Sorry if I did not explain accurately and/orproperly myself, but this is not my mother tonge.

  14. The Guardian is wrong (left wing rabble!!!!). If you live by the sword and die by the sword.

    How can Mosely have any credibility of morality and racism in the sport when he does this? He simply can’t. 

    When the sport faces these issues (spygate and racism) there is no way that Max can lead the charge on these …

    If he’d be caught with his pants down then it would have been something to chuckle over but no more. That is fine and that does not prevent someone from doing his job.

    I’m sorry but if the head of the FIA renacts Nazi-esque domination scenes then he no longer has any right to spearhead a moral cleansing of the sport.

    For the good of everyone he should go.

  15. Who is "everyone" John?

  16. Why should BMW and Mercedes have ‘checked in’ with Mosely first?? Is there any argument about Max’s credibility based on these allegations – whether they be true or not??

    As Haggis says, it’s a pretty distasteful response – in fact it’s incredibly low of him to throw that back.

  17. Everyone is everyone involved, Max, FIA, F1 in general, the fans, etc..
    Now Max is really beginning to lose it, what stupidity to take a pop at the companies paying his bloody wages!!
    Ok Max, enough, get the hell out of here before you damage the sport even more…
    What does he have which prevents Bernie from sacking him? Surely these public reactions from the teams mean that they are forced to do so as the FIA doesn’t seem to want to react. I’m sure the teams would rather kept quiet on this, but it looks like they had no other choice but to go public, which means Bernie and FIA were/are not planning to kick Max out…

  18. I’m not really sure on what I think of this situation. On the one hand, it is his personal life and its none of our business, but on the other hand should a person exhibiting this kind of behaviour be the president of the FIA? I don’t think so.

    In any case, the teams are pressuring the FIA to act on the matter, and I think they will eventually give in to the pressure. It’s only a matter of time…

  19. Hi vhw (had to shorten it).  Well, if that is true, your last sentence but one, this is, simply put, a character assassination.

    And, well, Mosley will finally appreciate the true meaning of karma.

  20. Does anyone think that the new kid in town will have any credibility of morality and racism in the sport?

    He will have up to where he will be allow to. If he brakes the unwritten rules he will pay for it.

    Does anyone think that credibility of morality and racism in sport is ruled for one single person? Who wrote here something like "Because I´m paranoid, does not mean they are not out there to catch me?
    We say in Spain, another will came to make you even better.

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