Ron Dennis speaks, Max Mosley sues

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I’m officially sick of the Max Mosley thing. He claims to have, “received a very large number of messages of sympathy and support from those within the FIA and the motor sport and motoring communities.”

Well since then BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, the German and Dutch motor sports organisations and many individuals including former champions Jody Scheckter and Jackie Stewart have criticised him. Cristian Horner and Stefano Domenicali awkwardly ducked questions about him in today’s press conference.

Number of people publicly sticking up for Mosley: zero.

According to The Times’s Ed Gorman, “[Mosley] has ‘lost’ the Formula One paddock and he has certainly ‘lost’ the press room.” I don’t doubt that’s true, but what I’d really like to read on Ed’s blog is his thoughts on his employer’s role in all this.

I asked a friend of mine who has worked for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation whether it was likely their revelations about Mosley in the News of the World was a response to the FIA’s decision to sue The Sunday Times (because of Martin Brundle’s columns on McLaren and Ferrari).

He chuckled at my naivete in even asking the question. Of course that’s what happened…

Given that, how should we assess Mosley’s chances of success in his new lawsuit against the News of the World? Not well, I should think.

I do not see how Mosley can survive this without causing yet further harm to F1’s reputation. And as he thrashes around looking for someone to blame other than himself the public image of the sport he represents is being dragged through the mud.

For the perfect example of the kind of ridicule Mosley has brought upon the sport, turn to the sublime Sniff Petrol.

From a man who’s gone down in my estimations to one who’s risen in my esteem: Ron Dennis.

Motor Sport published in full his speech to the Motor Sport Business Forum and you can read it here. For a man who is often lambasted for his clumsy phrases, it’s an attractively phrased speech and apparently it earned him a round of applause.

I may not agree with him when he says 20 races a year is a “a natural logistical limit,” or that budget caps are a good idea (Pandora’s Box, mark my words), but I’ve never heard Dennis sound so eloquent, appreciative and understanding of the sport.

Almost… Presidential.

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  1. Haggis, thanks for bringing that statement up on this topic- I remembered that same interview and made a comment on it when the story first broke last weekend. Indeed, Bernie seems to be getting a taste of his own words at the moment- i’m wondering if he still wants more sex scandals around his sport as this situation continues to unfold.

    Now, onto the issue of Ron Dennis. What caught my attention as soon as I read his comments was his call for the 20-race limit. With many nations either set to join the schedule ro in various stages of negotiation/speculation about getting a race, this could leave fans in several nations out in the cold. As any regular reader of this board knows, I am eagerly hoping for a return of the USGP, and therefore I worry that such a limit could crimp such an event out of the fold. I think if Bernie will make more money off of more than 20 races, then he’ll run more than 20, so for the moment this suggestion dosen’t bother me as much.

    In my brief time in following the sport, i’ve always thought of Ron as a man of integrity and pride- the direct opposite of the people like Bernie, Max, etc. who hurt the image of the sport. As a diehard fan of the New York Yankees in MLB here in America, I see many of the same qualities they value on display in McLaren, right down the the demands for a clean-cut appearence. While I have developed into a Williams fan, I do root for McLaren to do well also.

    Finally, while Ron may make a great president, he’s now 60 or older I believe, and after the mess last season, i’m not sure if he’d want to step into a position where he’d face even more flak from the public. Hopefully someone of similar standards can be found to tkae F1 and motorsports in general to a higher level when Mad Max finally steps down.

  2. To AC, McLaren didn’t steal any data.  A disgruntled Ferrari employee photocopied it and handed it to a McLaren employee, without knowledge or instruction from the top.  McLaren had a gun against its head to apologise and admit culpability or lose the chance to race again.  Don’t twist the facts.  The whole incident was grossly unfair and was indicative of Max Mosley’s presidency.  He should step down – for all the reasons already given.  Can’t understand anyone defending him, however the NOTW came by the story.

  3. KB, I’m sure that’s what the population of 1930s Germany thought when Jews were hauled to concentration camps outside their homes, and they passed skeletons in the thousands of concentration camps in nearly every German town.  It’s not our business.  You should never stand by when you deem something is wrong:  "The road to Auschwitz was built by hate but paved with indifference" (Kershaw).

  4. This article shows perfectly how history can come back and bite your bum !

  5. I had nothing against  Kimi and even  CBA.(Brasilian auto confederation) 
    Hear in Brazil nobody cares about anything that´s is sexual behavior. 

    But i can say also that CBA is far from unanimous decision. And lots of people think that they made a wrong estatement.

  6. There is a lot of intelligent comment on this blog; good goin people. The F1 world is one of power and greed and i think when max is gone he can take bernie with him! These guys have not had the interest of F1 or the fans at heart for many years. Infact the whole thing makes me sick.

    The Max and Bernie show needs to end. The only reason a couple of very wealthy old farts hang around rather than retire to the Greek Islands for a peaceful end to their lives is POWER. GREED. EGO

    These people are so self indulgent there is nothing else they could possibly need. Max does his job for free his need for power is so great! Of course if nothing else Max must go; he is now a laughing case with no credibility and it would not surprise me if Bernie did max over; no one can be trusted in those positions of influence. If Bernie wants a sex scandal, Bernie will get a sex scandal.

    As much as i dislike Max you still have to feel for him in this little episode. It would be bad enough the boys at the pub knew about your private life let alone the whole ******* world!

    Max, old mate, if it’s a bit of an **** whipping you enjoy, i have a feeling your immediate future is looking rather ‘rosey’.

  7. Perhaps a silly thought, but what about Mr Stoddard as our new president?

  8. The Brazilian Auto Confederation DOES NOT support Mosley. The president  of CBA, Mr. Mr. Scaglione, has changed his position under Brazilian media pressure. And yes, WE DO care about sexual behaviors.

  9. It is not some much what Max has done as what it says about the man. The problem with Max is that he believes he has some devine right and as such he has lost touch with reality and those around him now smell blood. His actions are like those of a CEO who fiddles his expenses – not because he needs the money but because he can. You govern with and through the will of others not of your power – perhaps Max’s family history has just got the better of him and as such it is the right time for him to go.

  10. Marlon, I  Think that we brasilians not "hipocritical"  on those thinks And unfortunotaley CBA   position change now it will not be seen in the international midia. 

  11. Soler.

    The whole thing of supporting Mosley was Scaglione’s ideia. No CBA member was enquired about it, not even the vice-president. He told some "things" that became big ********* and now, after the CBA Extraordinary General Assembly, he changed his thoughts. Scaglione "once again" made use of his big mouth.

  12. Marlon

    And that  was terrible for Brasil`s image.  I hope he made his idea change clear now. 
    Sorry for my english errors

  13. Samambaia de Plastico
    8th April 2008, 10:40

    I am scared with the last developments of this case.I can understand that some don´t like Mosley and take advantage of it, but people such as Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart or any other driver have no moral to criticize Max, in their heyday they did a lot more than him, the difference is nobody caught them on video…What is this suddenly wave of morality sweeping the globe?This "Big Brother" intruding on people lives between four walls?Beware, you can be next!

  14. To all the people that reckon good old Max has done nothing wrong.  Isn’t it against the law to employ prostitutes? or doesn’t that apply if you happen to be a multi millionaire.?

  15. No it is not against the law.  It is perfectly legal.  Soliciting is illegal.  Living off their earnings is illegal but a transaction between two or more people is perfectly legal.

  16. It’s funny how easily people say its Nazi themed and that he should resign! First of all, there were no symbols of any sort to indicate that… just military uniforms and girls dressed as prisoners!
    God knows how many people like to fantasize of their partners as the slave… well, that’s just for fun! so what if he had girls dressed as prisoners!? They weren’t forced to do so nor did he hurt anybody… IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE SEEN! That’s the bottom line.
    If a cheap news company actually sent someone to tape it, well they should be blamed! it’s just pathetic, the complete lack of sensitivity to another person’s privacy.
    And other national motor sport federations should be smarter than this and think of everything he’s done for the sport! It’s really NO ONE’s business what people do in their private lives as long as they aren’t hurting anyone!

  17. Ayrton Senna
    17th April 2008, 13:34

    Facts and rules:
    1-Privacy is protected by the human rights act…so what the newspaper did was breaching the privacy of an individual
    2-Europe always claims that the individual is free to do whatever he/she wants to as long as no one is hurt or discriminated
    3-Who said that these are uniforms of Nazi shoulders?a pro-jewish organizations who label anything they dislike due to various reasons as anti-semitic?
    4-Alot of countries allow prostitution….that is not Max Mosley’s problem at all….that is the mistake of the liberal governments and legislations….
    5-Ron Dennis is linked to this scandal…and the investigations will prove that….at this point,Ron Dennis will have take the run-away train….

  18. What gave you the idea the News of the World is a "pro-jewish organisation"? I haven’t seen anything conclusively linking Dennis to what’s happened. Your ‘facts’ are just opinions.

    The idea that everyone in Europe agrees on any single point, never mind the fraught questions of rights and liberties, is patently nonsense.

    And I don’t believe you’re Ayrton Senna either.

  19. News of the World isn’t so much pro-Jewish as pro-controversy. I’m sure if they could have made up a link to al-Qaeda, the Royal Family and little green extra-terrestrials, they would have done, simply to put sales up. Doesn’t necessarily mean their inferences were correct.

    I don’t think Max should resign because of the allegations; I think he should resign because the consequences of the allegations are interfering with his ability to do his job.

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