Alonso denies blame for Hamilton crash

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Today’s Bahrain Grand Prix saw the latest development in the Lewis Hamilton-Fernando Alonso rivalry. Hamilton hit the back of Alonso’s Renault causing the McLaren driver to lose his front wing.

Alonso denied he was responsible, saying: “The McLaren was just a lot faster than my car and he crashed into me.” Hamilton has not yet commented on the incident – but Alonso’s defensive driving has been criticised for causing accidents in the past.

David Coulthard blamed Alonso for causing this crash in the 2003 European Grand Prix:

Coulthard claimed Alonso had deliberately braked early for the corner to force him to take avoiding action and go off. Did Alonso do something similar today – perhaps easing off the throttle to cause Hamilton to make a mistake? Or did Hamilton just misjudge how much quicker he was?

Whatever happened it’s likely to inflame the unpopularity of Hamilton in Spain with the Spanish Grand Prix the next stop on the calendar.

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  1. If Alonso did do that deliberately then I will lop off my left testicle, cook it in garlic butter and eat it. Claims that it was deliberate are seriously deluded and no doubt are being made by the same people who think Max should resign becuase of the false "nazi" allegations made by a worthless "newspaper".

  2. I don’t think Alonso did it deliberately either, but I’m not going to resort to Rohan’s methods if I’m wrong.

  3. Personally I think it was Hamilton’s fault. The Renault is slow, the McLaren is faster and to be honest wouldn’t Alonso be paying attention to what’s in front of him?

    I hate that the ITV commentators started blaming Alonso.  It’s ridiculous.  Hamilton should have been paying attention to what was in front of him!

  4. This is going to be long….. All I can see is Fred loosing traction at the exit of the previous left turn and, therefore, loosing speed at the exit of the right turn. I can’t se no sudden lift on the throttle… the brake test Allen’s theory is just silly. In any case, the conspiracy theory is on fire

  5. I have saw several times the clip, and i can’t see any defencing move in Alonso. The Hamilton’s aproximattion is progressive, and you can predict when Hamilton is going to crash. I think is amilton’s fault.

    Anyway without telemetry is hard to say if Alonso did something to defend from Lewis.

    One last thing: If Alonso braked, i have to say is an allowed movement. In F1 ‘brake test’ are allowed in straights parts. Only in corners is nor allowed.

    But after 15 times i can’t see any brake test.

  6. The incident with DC was fully investigated by FIA stewards and after reviewing his thelemetry they had nothing to say…. Although I saw it live and thought it was a little strange…. who knows? What DC wasn’t going to do is to blame himself.

  7. I certainly don’t think he braked. Absolutely not. If he’d braked there would have been a gigantic crash and the discussion wouldn’t be "did Alonso do anything" it would be "how long should he be banned for?"

    If he did anything we’re talking about a very small lift. But if the telemetry shows him doing anything other than 100% throttle at that point then there will be some serious questions about whether it was acceptable driving.

  8. I’m sorry Keith, but i disagree.

    Alonso doing anything other than 100% throttle is obviously unfair play, but is completely allowed by FIA rules, and impossible to punish.

    But i don’t think nothing strange happened. Only Lewis very anxious thinking in move up positions.

  9. 100 % throttle is something of the past, that Traction Controlled and Semiautomated cars…. this year 100% throttle is silly

  10. Coming out of the corner Alonso should have been on the throttle so much faster than Hamilton even with a performance disadvantage. So I say Alonso defiantly ‘break tested’ Hamilton on his first opportunity to do so. Just like he held him up in the pits last year.

  11. I seem to remember that Hamilton escaped punishment when he much more obviously brake tested in Fuji last year.

  12. Thanks Architron for a intelligent suggestion. We’ve seen Massa make 2 mistakes in the past 2 races. All he did(as we speculate and i think we are right), was to get on the gas a lil too soon/ too hard. Hamilton lost it too, while on the kerb and accelerating. So it means people will have to be cautious. 100% throttle will be seen but, not always. I seriously wonder, about how can DC claim a moral high ground and accuse someone, after what he did in Spa, 1998, at about 300 kmph on Kemmel straight.

  13. Alonso comes out cheap again. This guy can’t lose, and hates Hamilton, figured there wouldn’t be many times when Lewis is behind him, in any race, given the teams, and took a punch below the belt. Unsportsmanlike behavoir, but then again, Alonso has always been a sore loser. Shame on you Fernando!

  14. in the us speed didn’t even consider the possibility that alonso could be faulted.  hamilton just pulled too much speed and maybe anticipated alonso would be accelerating faster.  misjudgement.

    my question is-what the heck was button thinking of?

  15. This is just rediculous! Next they are going to blame Alonso for Hamilton’s start.  Maybe Alonso sneezed as he went past the Mc Laren before the start and the aerodynamics of the car got changed!
    Hammy cleary had a bad start and like he does when he has a bad start he started seeing overtaking opportunities where they do not exist and banged into the back of the Renault.

  16. Ok Derek, i buy you that one, Alonso is a driver who play unfairly. Is he also stupid?

    Brake test is a movement to force at the other driver to change direction, not to cause an accident. If Alonso did a break test so late that hamilton couldn’t avoid the collision, he was also damaging himself.

    Maybe ITV sholud learn that Hamilton is not going to win all the times. Hamilton fails, like all the drivers does.

  17. Maybe 100% throttle is unrealistic, and "break tests" or lifting is a perfectly legal move. But the telemetry will clearly show if he was driving that section of track differently to usual. Renault team apparently broadcast their telemetry on their website. I’d guess most the paddock already know what happened.

    Even if he lifted i don’t think it was reckless driving. Cheeky, but not dangerous. The resulting collision wasn’t particularly spectacular.

    The difference in speed was certainly a bit odd.

  18. I think this is all blown up because ITV don’t think Hamilton can make mistakes. Had Hamilton crashed into anybody bar Alonso it wouldn’t be this big a deal. Or had someone else crashed into Alonso bar Hamilton it wouldn’t be speculated he did it on purpose!

  19. Seriously I think Hamilton needs to relearn F1 driving… last year that supercomputerized machines did a lot of work by him, managing the engine power, redistributing brake power and balance on each turn, launch control, etc. (it has been said that there were a different engine setting for each turn………)

    But this year is a complete different business… he needs to acquire the instinct that comes after battling with such dog of a car like a Minardi, a Jaguar, a last year Renault, an Honda or a last year Toyota. Wild reactions with no margin for error: no more full throttle, watch for the kerbs, be careful braking, and be aware of the front car.

  20. What on earth does Alonso have to gain by ‘brake testing’ Hamilton? 

    I seem to recall Vettel running into the back of Webber thanks to Hamilton’s antics behind the SC last year.  Vettel got punished for that, so surely Hamilton should get punished for running into Alonso?

    I do hope that ITV gets a letter from Alonso’s lawyers for slander.  They have absolutely no proof and they could hardly talk about anything else.

    Perhaps they should have talked about Lewis’ start, instead…

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