Alonso denies blame for Hamilton crash

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Today’s Bahrain Grand Prix saw the latest development in the Lewis Hamilton-Fernando Alonso rivalry. Hamilton hit the back of Alonso’s Renault causing the McLaren driver to lose his front wing.

Alonso denied he was responsible, saying: “The McLaren was just a lot faster than my car and he crashed into me.” Hamilton has not yet commented on the incident – but Alonso’s defensive driving has been criticised for causing accidents in the past.

David Coulthard blamed Alonso for causing this crash in the 2003 European Grand Prix:

Coulthard claimed Alonso had deliberately braked early for the corner to force him to take avoiding action and go off. Did Alonso do something similar today – perhaps easing off the throttle to cause Hamilton to make a mistake? Or did Hamilton just misjudge how much quicker he was?

Whatever happened it’s likely to inflame the unpopularity of Hamilton in Spain with the Spanish Grand Prix the next stop on the calendar.

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  1. I’ve had to delete a couple of comments from this thread for swearing.

    Please keep it clean guys.

    Comment policy

  2. I didn’t read all comments, so pardon me if I repeat someone…

    I just wanna say that one obvious rule in driving was forgotten by those who blame Alonso: THE ONE BEHIND IS RESPONSIBLE UNTIL THE ONE AHEAD IS PROVED WRONG!

    Alonso was slow, but it wasn’t a break test, I think he took too long to get full speed, but nothing justifies Hamilton’s crash… It was totally different from Button-Coulthard incident, for example…
    Lewis was, being gentle with him, pretty reckless…

    Well, he is showing, once again, how badly he can drive when trying to do a recovery race (Nurburgring, Interlagos, and now Sakhir)….

    Disclaimer: I still think Hamilton WILL BE one of all-time Formula 1 greats…

  3. Hamilton said he saw nothing wrong with the incident in a post race interview. Racing incident.

    Having watched replays, no, nothing wrong that I could see either. Alonso does have a knack of mid corner braking to unsettle the following car, isnt that how he kept schumi behind him in imola 05 (I think?), but this was after the apex, looks like hamilton just had better drive out of it

    What was his gesture to fisi about, punching the air in a ‘woohoo, I’m past him’ celebration or a ‘you tosser’ gesture?
    If the latter, why?

    Alonso was gesticulating behind Glock too, both racing for positions. Frustrating times in the midfield? Glock stated he had gear selection problems that slowed him and allowed alonso to close

    oh hamiltons bad start, bad engine mapping, didnt select it in time on the formation lap or somesuch, and anti-stall kicked in

  4. Have you got a link for that please Del?

  5. Has nobody notice that Hami was in despair to overtake Alonso because he knew Fred was heavier fueled and staying behind him could ruin his race?

  6. If Hamilton was as lightly fuelled as I think he was Architron that would go for every driver in front of him.

  7. Sorry Keith, i didn’t realize my previous comment was unpolite

  8. It was easy for Hamilton last year when he got all the benefits from Alonso’s car setup. Now, he has to proof as a driver and you are starting to see the results.
    One comment about BMW: good for the pole, but they need to find a driver who can bare the presure of being number one.

  9. These are the 2 people Bernie would love to be battling for the title – because it generates so MUCH discussion.  A pity Lewis is shooting himself in the foot, just like Alonso already has with the way he acted last year.

  10. I translate a small part of a new in a spanish sport newspaper

    After the race, Symmonds showed a copy of the telemtries at the moment of the incident. It can be oserved how the throttle line is always growing up

  11. Thanks for that Frecon.

  12. Hamilton said this (source):

    It was a disaster. It was a very poor performance and I sort of let the team down today. It sort of went bad from the beginning, but I’ll keep my chin up and move on and bounce back in the next race.

    As a professional if you start off bad you need to sort of pick the pieces up and still deliver at least some points. I did none of that for the team.

    I had the crash with Fernando which really lost us the race altogether. I’m always the first to blame myself and I feel that’s the right way to go.

    I have no idea [what happened]. I was behind him I went to move to the right and he went to move to the right as well and I ended up on the back somehow. It’s racing.

    Call me a cynic, but I think he’s left some ‘wiggle room’ in his explanation in case the stewards do decide to have a talk with Alonso. But on the whole his message seems to be that he dropped the ball today.

  13. sorry Keith, no link – it was the premiere post race coverage, they had a quick interview with Hamilton but there were a lot of mics stuck in his face, so I’m sure it’ll pop up in full soon enough as a soundbite somewhere. I think it was Norbert Haug that exlpained the wrong engine mapping or timing, I had a German friend with me watching the race (hence my absence from the live blog) so I got some loose translations of the German coverage

  14. And sure it would go, Keith. I seem to reclaim that Rosberg, Glock, Trulli and even Webber were to pit later than Lewis…. Glock was even heavier than Fred!!!!

  15. So after Alonso, Hamilton and Symmond’s explanations, which all point in the same direction, do we still consider Alonso to be a cheat, unsporting, have a grudge against Mclaren, hate Hamilton, stupid enough to risk damaging his own car for the sake of getting one up on Hamilton for last year etc…..?

    By the way, I’m no Hamilton fan, but fair play to him for what he said.

  16. CS: "Do we still consider Alonso to be a cheat?"

    You’re the first person to use that word on here so I guess not.

  17. It’s a very strange crash but I can’t see how Alonso can really be blamed.  I also haven’t seen any telemetry to suggest he braked or lifted but even if he did then there seemed to be time for Hamilton to avoid him.  It’s easy to say so here but it seemed to be a ‘slow’ accident.  Maybe Hamilton was asleep or distracted, he had room and time to drive around him and should have used them.  Bad day for Hamilton, probably nothing more to it than that.

  18. I don’t think ITV were too quick to blame Hamilton. Ted suggested people in the paddock were whispering it and as commentators they couldn’t really let that go could they? Brundle was persistent in his desire to see it again before coming to a conclusion.

    I also think that even if Mclaren (and therefore Lewis) think it was Alonso’s fault Ron’s desire for a clean season takes precedence. Ron made it fairly clear when they were asking about their pit position that he just wanted a quiet season and would pretty much do as ordered. Perhaps if it was going to be the difference between serious points and no points they would push it just in case but I think they can do without it.

    As to whether he did it or not: to me the footage just isn’t clear. I think the fault could lie either, or neither, way.

  19. Keith, you’re right, but I thought it was implied.

  20. Case closed. Here’s Pat Symonds: "He reached fifth gear, at 227km/h, on full throttle, no touching of the brakes or anything like that. And you can see on the accelerometer the impact. He got hit from behind."

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