2008 Bahrain GP: Facts and stats

Bahrain Grand Prix start 2008, 470150

Here are some of the stats and facts from the Bahrain Grand Prix – post any more you’ve spotted below…

Robert Kubica scored the first pole position for a Polish driver. It was the first time a non-McLaren or Ferrari driver had started from pole position since Fernando Alonso at Shanghai in 2006.

Kubica also finished on the podium for the second race in a row for the first time in his career.

Felipe Massa won the Bahrain Grand Prix for the second year in a row. It was his sixth win, giving him the same number as Tony Brooks, John Surtees (1964 champion), Jochen Rindt (1970 champion), Gilles Villeneuve, Jacques Laffite, Riccardo Patrese and Ralf Schumacher.

He is the third different winner this year in three races, and it was also his first victory not scored from pole position.

Kimi Raikkonen has finished on the podium in the last four Bahrain Grands Prix without winning it.

BMW lead the constructors’ championship for the first time ever, despite not having won a race yet.

Sebastian Vettel is the only driver yet to finish a race this year.

It was BMW’s 20th consecutive race in the points and Ferrari’s 35th. It was Raikkonen tenth consecutive points score.

Only three drivers retired, the fewest since last year’s Italian Grand Prix.

There were no British drivers in the top ten for the first time since the 2006 British Grand Prix.

36 comments on “2008 Bahrain GP: Facts and stats”

  1. You forgot the obvious one, Keith:  Kubica’s 1st pole was also BMW’s 1st pole as a Formula 1 manufacturer.  Also, BMW now is the only team to have been on the podium for every race so far this season.

    Other bits and pieces:  it’s only Lewis’ 3rd time to DNS, and the first time he has missed the podium in back-to-back races.  Meanwhile, it’s also Alonso’s first DNS since Japan last year, and this is Renault’s poorest ever start to a season (at least in this current incarnation from the Benetton franchise).

  2. @frecon I think he did for one race last year, not sure though.

    Its the first time in 4 years that Alonso could not make it to the podium(and win a race) after 3 races…

  3. Haas, see my post above for Alonso’s last DNS.  :)  Good point on this being Alonso’s worst start to a season since his rookie season in 2001.

  4. You got me thinking guys, so I looked into it a bit more.

    The Bahrain Grand Prix was only the third time since Fernando Alonso left Minardi that he has finished a race outside of the points. The other two occasions were the 2004 British Grand Prix, and the 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix.

    That’s quite an exceptional record!

  5. Well, this one is geographical, and a little controversial… Assuming that Turkey is in the Middle East (and not in the "Near East", as it used to be called, neither in Europe), then Felipe Massa won the last four Grand Prix held on that region: 2006 Turkish Grand Prix, 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix, 2007 Turkish Grand Prix, 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix…

    Also its Massa’s fifth win, out of six, outside Europe…

    It’s BMW third consecutive podium…

  6. Good point, mark.  Frecon is right too.  Hmmm.  Come to think of it, Hamilton has now missed the podium in 4 of the last 5 races, and 7 of the last 11, after being on it for for his first 9 races in succession.  A bit of a slump going there?

  7. Kubica made it to the pole, but it felt like he could not stand the preasure to lead the race. BMW’s threat to Ferrari lasted 300 meters.
    I think he will need to go out of his confort zone (chasing instead of leading) to win a race.

  8. At this point (third race), it’s probably the most tight title chase ever, with the fifth placed driver (Kovalainen, 14) only five points behind the leader (Raikkonen, 19)

  9. Also worth noting, Rubins has yet to score a point for a second straight year.

    Lewis seems to of lost his touch now that the pressure on him is building. I would say that of all the sophomores Kovi, Nico and Kubica have all outpreformed Lewis to this point. Would they have won the Championship last year if they were driving a McLaren?

  10. Dan M, that is really a good question! How would have fared Nico, Kovi, Kubica and perhaps Button (who never had a championship winning car in his hands) or Webber (who never had a reliable car in his hands) ?

    Is Lewis losing is cool when he sees that Mclaren isn’t going to perform? 

    Actually it is the first time that Lewis has a real pressure (and what a pressure) to win. Before, he jumped all the time from Formula to Formula, so, as a rookie, no one expected that much of him. It is another subtle reason for him to have moved to Switzerland? Trying to relief things? A planned move from Hamilton family and Ron Dennis when they saw the first cracks?

    Well, Kovi would have lost it because of that torrid season start and because while he is taking the fight to Lewis he is not quite there yet. Kubica went pretty much anonymous last year and lost to Heidfeld, which is a solid driver but not WDC material (He is like Massa but in a BMW). Nico, on the other side, being a great qualifier, my guess is that he could nail it.
    Now how about Button or Webber? Maybe one day they will have their rightfuly deserved chance…

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