Super Aguri not out of the woods yet

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Everyone held their breath waiting to see if Super Aguri would make it to the first round of the season. And we all cheered when the Magma Group swept in like knights on horseback to rescue them.

But Super Aguri may not be out of danger just yet. According to this report they will be skipping next week’s four-day test at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The team definitely need the running if they are to make any progress with the SA08A. Which is, of course, merely last year’s Honda RA107 with a less embarassing paint job.

Last weekend they qualified on the back row of the grid for the first time since 2006. The drivers have been unable to explore the limits of their cars because if they damage them there are precious few spares to be had – which meant Takuma Sato’s crash in qualifying was bad news.

It’s not clear what the delay is with Magma. The group is run by Martin Leach, formerly chief operating officer of Ford of Europe, and he was originally expected to complete the formal takeover by March 31st.

It had also been rumoured the team was to change its name before the Monaco Grand Prix on 25th May.