The coverage of the Mosley scandal on The Times F1 blog is missing something

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

As ever The Times’s Ed Gorman is doing a first-rate job covering the developments in the latest big F1 story – his blog is one I check daily without fail.

Yesterday he wrote, “this affair is going to seep like an open wound and infect everything the FIA does between now and then and especially its most prestigious championship, Formula One,” and as I’ve already explained I agree with him.

But given how hard The Times have been pushing this story since the News of the World broke it almost a fortnight ago, it’s notable that there’s been no mention of the lawsuit the FIA threatened against the parent company of both newspapers last year.

I wonder why Ed hasn’t mentioned it – because it doesn’t take a particularly suspicious mind to make the connection. At least one person asked about it in the very first post about it on the blog.

Can Ed enlighten us about whether the owners of The Times hold a grudge against Mosley because of the lawsuit?

Is it just a coincidence that the tabloid that broke the story and the ‘quality’ paper that’s pursued it at least as hard as any other, day-in, day-out,are both owned by the same company – the one which Mosley asked the FIA to sue last year?

Are The Times simply pushing this story out of good old-fashioned journalistic interest? Or is it more personal than that?

Ed posted a follow-up piece later on yesterday thanking his readers for the “level of debate” on the site. But to those who’ve brought up questions about whether Rupert Murdoch’s company wanted to bring Mosley down he’s not yet said anything, as far as I can tell.

I hope he does soon because it’s starting to look like an elephant in the corner of the room.