Rubens Barrichello wants 300 GP starts

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Rubens Barrichello, Honda, Sepang, 2008, 470150

Rubens Barrichello will soon become the F1 driver to have started the most races but he’s told the media he wants to go on much longer:

It is no secret that my contract expires at the end of the year. I want to extend it, because I think that with Ross Brawn a new and promising era has begun at Honda.

2008 is definitely not my last season – now I want to finish with more than 300 Grands Prix.

It’s great that he still wants to stay in the sport having been in it so long – but shouldn’t he aspire to more than simply having started a lot of races?

Earlier this week I suggested Ross Brawn would want to keep Barrichello at Honda at least for 2009. There’s going to be a massive change in regulations next year and continuity in the driver line-up would be a useful thing.

Particularly so because Brawn has many years’ experience of working with Barrichello at Ferrari. In Formula 1 it is paramount that engineers understand what drivers are telling them about the cars – something Brawn and Barrichello did for six years at Ferrari. They have shared experiences and common reference points.

I reckon Barrichello’s will get another year at Honda – but no more. Unless, of course, he turns things around and starts beating Jenson Button.

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