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How serious is the EU threat to the European Grand Prix at Valencia? 22nd April 2008, 23:23

This weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix is supposed to be the first of two races in Spain this year – the second being the European Grand Prix at the new Circuit Urbano Valencia. But yesterday the European Union revealed objections to the Grand Prix on several grounds. There are growing doubts over whether the race, which […]

2008 Spanish Grand Prix preview: Ferrari ahead by a nose?

Ferrari seem strangely keen to play down the benefits of their intriguing new vented nose. Nicolas Tombazis told the press: It is not something revolutionary that will make us go two seconds quicker. More simply, it’s an aerodynamic development, like others that are perhaps less evident but maybe even more important. However they were also […]

F1 on Wikipedia

What do you think of the quality of Formula 1 articles on Wikipedia? I’m forever researching different topics to do with F1 and, as with so many online subjects these days, Wikipedia dominates the search results rankings. But is the information on there any good? Have you edited any of the Wikipedia F1 articles?

How new tracks are squeezing traditional circuits out of Formula 1

Christian Sylt keeps a close eye on all things money related in Formula 1 (that’s pretty much everything, then) for his excellent publication Formula Money. He shared some very interesting data with me on how the new Formula 1 circuits are raising the cost of hosting a Grand Prix beyond the reach of F1’s traditional […]

Video: Toyota feature on sponsorship

What do F1 drivers do between races? PR, mainly. But Jarno Trulli at least gets to indulge his passion for wine and karting, although not both at the same time. This video from Toyota explains how they use their drivers in marketing campaigns. Watch more F1 videos

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