F1 on Wikipedia

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F1 on Wikipedia

What do you think of the quality of Formula 1 articles on Wikipedia?

I’m forever researching different topics to do with F1 and, as with so many online subjects these days, Wikipedia dominates the search results rankings.

But is the information on there any good? Have you edited any of the Wikipedia F1 articles?

There are WikiProjects for Formula 1 and Motorsport and they have produced some excellent material.

In collaboration with other Wikipedia users the articles submitted are given ratings in order to help writers improve them. At the time of writing seven articles are rated at the highest level: Featured Article. These are Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Tom Pryce, Brabham, Brabham BT19, 1994 San Marino Grand Prix and 2005 United States Grand Prix. (The piece on Formula One itself used to be a Featured Article but has now been down-graded).

As good as these articles are, many of the other features suffer from the same problems as other Wikipedia articles – particularly the biographies of current drivers – in that many of the contributions aren’t very useful and serve only to make the articles very long.

The Lewis Hamilton biography is a typical example, and last year was briefly locked for editing because it was being so regularly vandalised (not least of which by a Spanish employee of Mercedes).

I used to contribute to Wikipedia quite a bit but I now invest that time in updating the various information sections on F1Fanatic: biographies, circuit information, team information, history, statistics and more.

Do you use Wikipedia to find out more about Formula 1? Is it reliable?