Video: Heikki Kovalainen unhurt in major crash in Spanish Grand Prix

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Heikki Kovalainen was involved in a a heavy impact on lap 23 of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Kovalainen waved and gave a thumbs-up to the crowd after being taken from the scene on a stretcher.

Update: according to the medical centre at the circuit Kovalainen is in a stable condition and has been taken to hospital for checks.

Update: according to the BBC Kovalainen’s crash was measured at 140mph and he suffered concussion.

25 comments on “Video: Heikki Kovalainen unhurt in major crash in Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. That crash came completely out of the blue. I suspect the cause of it was the wheel fairing coming off and cutting the tyre (the on-board shot indicates this is likely). But when it takes as long as it did for a shot of the driver to be seen, it’s never good news. At least it is almost certainly just concussion (and Heikki will probably feel a bit sore in the morning) and that he’ll most likely be back in the McLaren next race.

  2. Dan – I thought his left ankle was lolling while he was on the stretcher as if it had been dislocated/broken, but I guess I was just imagining it.

  3. The doctors told me Heikki has a lot of pain in his arm and he may have torn ankle ligaments. I wasn’t able to talk to him because he was sedated due to his concussion, but the team doctor is confident he will be driving in Turkey.

  4. Yeah, i thought his left ankle looked a bit wobbly too but maybe they would have supported it if he was complaining. The wheel deflation looked very similar to lewis’s accident last year. Johanna, who are you? Are you in the team?

  5. It’s apparent from the video that the left front tire ran over something on the track, then blew out about a second later.  Watch the video and you can see the left front wheel rise momentarily, then blow a second or so later.

  6.  A tip of the Hans device to all the engineers, regulatory personnel, and anyone else who has contributed to the great advances in driver safety over the last decade.  You should certainly feel good about your efforts again today.

    It will be great to see Heikki’s impish grin and always positive take on things back in the pits again soon.

    PS:  And Sir Jackie……again, job well done.

  7. Great to hear that Heikki is OK, although he dose appear to be a bit banged up after a very nasty crash. Hopefuly he will be up and running again soon :)

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