The most hated man in Formula 1


Lewis Hamilton, Laureus awards, 2008

Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1’s most successful rookie, 2007 championship runner-up, five times Grand Prix winner. And the most hated man in Formula 1.

From the banners at the Spanish Grand Prix, to the streams of abuse on internet forums, the crop of hate websites that have sprung up and even the series of anti-Hamilton Youtube videos, the British driver has taken over Michael Schumacher’s mantle as the man who is liked and loathed in roughly equal measure.

Why is that?

Popular is uncool

Lewis Hamilton, 2007 Canadian Grand Prix victory newspaper coverage, 470313

Hamilton may be hated, but he is also very popular. Taking Britain as an example, F1 fans today can be broadly divided between those who have followed the sport for years, like myself, and those who’ve been drawn to it recently by the popularity of Hamilton.

According to ITV, their F1 broadcasts were watched by 40% more people last year because of Hamilton, so we’re talking about a significant number of newcomers to the sport.

Now I like F1 a lot (you may have noticed) and I’ve got nothing against Hamilton, but even I find the saturation coverage of Hamilton a lot to take.

And I think a lot of other people react negatively against the fawning, sycophantic tripe written about Hamilton, and don’t like him as a result.

‘Twas ever thus, of course. Before Hamilton the British media’s darling was Jenson Button, and it was pretty clear from the debate we had about Button earlier this week how his over-exposure earlier in his career had coloured people’s opinions of him.

With Hamilton, there were some insinuations last year that his value to the sport made the governing body reluctant to punish him, which no doubt deepened the growing dislike.


Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Nurburgring, 2007, 470313

There is a perception that Hamilton has a false media persona. A typical example of which was be that painful interview with Heikki Kovalainen ITV broadcast before the start of the Australian Grand Prix, with all that unconvincing chummyness. It brought back memories of the photo calls with Fernando Alonso last year when the two plainly weren’t getting on.

Hamming it up is one thing, but Hamilton’s not shy to use the media for his own ends either. His frustration at the team’s strategy in the Monaco Grand Prix last year, which he felt cost him the chance of beating Alonso, bubbled to the surface in his now notorious words: “it says number two on my car and I’m the number two driver.”

This, his critics say, is the real Hamilton: sweetness and light until something goes wrong – and then he bares his teeth.

The Fernando Alonso factor

Fernando Alonso, McLaren, 2007, Interlagos, 470313

It should have been a perfect match. Experienced, confident, double champion meets paired with the rookie to whom everything is new. Alonso does the winning, Hamilton does the learning.

But it became clear things were not going to work that way as early as the first qualifying session of the season, when Alonso reacted to Hamilton’s speed in Q2 by choosing to do an extra lap to guarantee himself first choice on strategy.

As we all know all hell broke loose between the pair in 2007. There are essentially two competing explanations for why that happened:

(a) Hamilton was so quick it rattled Alonso, leading him to demand preferential treatment from McLaren and, when he didn’t get it, blasted the team in his home press. He leapt at the opportunity to blackmail Ron Dennis when the spy scandal blew up. Alonso’s fans sympathised with their hero’s plight, believe everything he said, and hate Hamilton as a result.

(b) McLaren misled Alonso over whether he’d be the number one driver in 2008, and then undermined his efforts to win the world championship. Ron Dennis lied and claimed Alonso threatened to blackmail him over the spygate affair after Alonso had been double-crossed by Hamilton in qualifying at Hungary.

What do I think? As with most things I think the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes – although not halfway between.

Hamilton is no angel. What he did at Hungary last year was clearly an attempt to provoke Alonso. But the idea that McLaren would bring a double world champion into the team specifically to compromise his ability to win the championship defies logic, common sense and history. Even Pat Symonds of Alonso’s beloved Renault team acknowledged Alonso could not stand being beaten by a team mate even if Giancarlo Fisichella only managed it once or twice.

I don’t think there’s any doubt Hamilton’s catastrophic relationship with Alonso is the largest cause of the widespread hatred of Hamilton – whichever explanation for it you agree with.


Fernando Alonso brought legions of new fans to the sport in Spain. You only have to look how packed the Circuit de Cataluya has been in recent years compared to the late 1990s to see that.

Inevitably, many of those fans may have little or no knowledge of F1 prior to about 2005. As far as they are concerned, Alonso is number one – this is the man that beat Michael Schumacher, after all.

Many have reasoned that it is simply not possible Alonso could have been beaten by a rookie, and as Hamilton is a British driver in a British team they suspected a conspiracy.


No. I honestly don’t think racism has anything to do with it.

I know many of you disagreed with me when I said I supported the FIA’s anti-racism campaign. I still think it’s the right thing to do.

But I do think the racism that was displayed at the Circuit de Catalunya in testing in February (and may have been seen at the Chinese Grand Prix last year) was intended as an expression of hatred towards Lewis Hamilton the person and not his race. That does not excuse it, of course.

Over to you

Do you agree Lewis Hamilton is the most hated driver in Formula 1? What has he done to provoke it? Is it deserved or undeserved?

If you’d like to dip into the stack of articles that touched on this subject last year – which provoked pages of debate – here are a few places to start:

Lewis Hamilton biography

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154 comments on The most hated man in Formula 1

  1. Andrew B said on 4th June 2008, 6:49

    Who writes an autobiography after 1 year in F1?
    What a joke, that is one book I will never read.

    Lewis Hamilton has gotten way too big for his own good.

    He needs to stop acting like a spoilt brat and think about how lucky he was that Ron Dennis decided to financially supported him.

  2. Stealthman said on 7th June 2008, 9:53

    Lewis is not my favourite F1 driver, but there’s no denying that he is good at what he does. Sure, he may be acting cocky and all, but he’s not paid to do that. I think it is silly that Hamilton’s and Alonso’s fans are getting fired up because of their driver’s or team’s nationalities (watch the A1 Grand Prix series for that) or their way of doing things. Formula One drivers are there to drive a car and win races, because that is their occupation. It’s what they do for a living. Lewis is endangering no-one by acting the way he does because of McLaren’s enveloping cocoon, so why should anyone care?

  3. The Stig said on 5th July 2008, 19:48

    I posted this on the `Lewis Hamilton Fan and Inspiration Site` in April, I think I hit the nail on the head.

    I do not foresee a championship with the Hamilton name on it, the reason I say this is because of glimpses into your `character`, that revealed at times of stress a well developed `ego`, capable of distorting your arrogant behaviour into the mistaken belief of being a `maverick`. Your failure to listen to the experience of team members, and the pouting and prancing, turned a conceivably sure-thing into an absurd nothing.

    This one upset a few people.

    “photo please, with my son”, you say as he blindly pushes past you because his championship is in tatters and the National Press are really on his back…then the excuses will come, he will take on a small part of the blame but will emphasize how difficult his task was because of a lousy car and lazy team, then off to the casino to show that he really is a winner…probably blowing more money on the many new vices that he can now afford, than we will ever see in a lifetime, sounds all too familiar…

  4. Stubie said on 28th July 2008, 19:29

    OK, so I love this thread and return to it often for the “kicks and giggles”.
    A few of the reader comments on the “Hamilton-centric” nature of the ITV commentary reminded me of something that I have to share.

    Waaaaaay-back-in-the-day (1984, to be precise), when I was a wee lad, I remember watching the Los Angeles Olympic games. As luck would have it, the country I was living in purchased the broadcast feeds for the Olympics from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC).

    To cut right to the chase, the only thing I saw of the entire ’84 Olympics, was US gymnast Mary-Lou Retton and her perfect 10, and endless replays of some Canadian boxer dude named Willie De Witt (?? – it has been a while…) who was beaten to a bloody pulp in his weight class and staggered to the podium to accept his bronze medal. It was one of the few Canada won.

    anyway, my point is…
    if the media is understandably nationalistic in their broadcasts, at least be grateful that the object of their coverage is at the front of the pack. it could be worse.

    I for one am happy to see Lewis on the grid and mixing it up with the best. Just as I am happy to see Nadal challenge Darth Federer, and I am happy to see the occasional challenger take a run at Tiger.

    While I appreciate the artistry and excellence and sheer poetry of a driver like Schumi, when any sport or competition get one-sided, they bore me.


  5. tifosi4eva said on 11th August 2008, 0:25

    Yes, personally I think Hamilton is the most hated person in F1 and I loathe him with every bone in my body. I think it is partly due to Fernando Alonso (as I am a fan of his and did not like the way hamilton acted towards him), partly due to ron dennis (and how much he goes on about him) partly due to the media (for going on about him so much we cant turn the page without seeing his face)and partly due to the fact that he is arrogant, self-centered and so obviously fake.

  6. Trig said on 11th August 2008, 3:30

    I know no-one is reading these comments anymore, and if they are, they’re probably not reading to the bottom of the 3rd page! I just thought of a nice way to summarise my feelings on Hamilton.

    I heard Ron Dennis describe Hamilton’s attitude like this a few times – “Confidence devoid of arrogance”.

    I disagree.

  7. You hate him because he has too much exposure. Is that his fault? No. You don’t like him for bringing out an auto biography. People like him so he thought he’d take advantage. Lots of people bought his book (including me) so don’t you see why he did it.
    :) Hamilton to win 08 :)

  8. Monji said on 14th August 2008, 15:51

    It’ll be more interresting to post your real pictures so we’ll all see if those of who claim not to be racist are all non-white. Well Yes and No, the Hamilton haters do it for racism. I’m black but i do acknowledge Michael Schumacher as the best driver ever :-), but i really don’t understand y people still make it an issue the fact that hamilton started his f1 carier in a super team. Many have… Take Kimi for instance, he spent time blowing up engine when he was at McLarren and made it look like the most unreliable car. That picture change when Alonso and Hamilton joinned Mclarren. Still Kimi kept on blowing engines (Red ones this time). Let compare N. Piquet Junior’s performances Vs alonso’s this year clearly, piquet’s no where to be found. So we should give some credit to LH. I think the solution alonso’s problem is to get him a team where there’s only 1 driver (Himself) cause, in 2010 he’ll be on Felipe’s case.

  9. Why is it always the racism card? Is anyone who hates Lewis a white and a racist? This is insane and just a way for hamilton lovers to justify why people hate him and try to make us feel bad by accusing us of something we are not just because we dont like their hero.

  10. Nadine said on 15th August 2008, 23:19

    I agree with amy, but no black @least hates him, beside why hate a driver when this one is putting on a show… If you hate the kid, ask yourself this question:
    Have you ever REAllY hated any other driver?

  11. Wiseguy said on 19th August 2008, 6:20

    Well i think in my opinion every sport brings it own superstar, LH is only carrying on where schey left. Remember schey was still the most famous driver dispite being beaten by alonso twice :-(, i beleive hamilton is here to stay, at least for 5 more year.
    LH haters and Lovers have 1 thing in common, they all love to see him racing so they’ll have some to blog da next day….

  12. sodapop said on 6th September 2008, 10:39

    I really can’t stand Hamilton because he’s let fame get to his head. What with all the flirting around with Danni Minogue, and then PCD’s Nicole etc. it’s really repulsive. as a rookie driver, he should focus on doing his job well instead of publishing a book, flirting around, attending parties, and then telling newspaper that he likes nothing better than training and playing his guitar.

    I can’t stand the way he thinks he’s all that. And the last straw was when he ditched his girlfriend Jodia Ma, who’s father helped pay for his career. He used her to help him get to the top level of racing and then after he got all the attention, moved on to hook up with famous stars. A nugget of info: Jodia always goes to the temple to pray for his safety before he drives each race. Tell me now if that doesn’t make you hate the cocky fella

  13. Peter Moore said on 14th September 2008, 14:42

    this kid is dangerous. he is going to kill someone!

    nothing clever in what he does!

  14. response to #148 Peter Moore

    and I love this kid!
    this is racing, not frikkin’ croquet!

    all the whining and snivelling after he executes a succession of daring and brilliant passes on more than just a couple of people this weekend (Monza 2008).
    I hope you guys were counting the names, cuz I lost count, but I remember seeing Kimi, Fisi, Glock, Webber, Kubica… all fall to his skill in the wet.

    no one ever seems to complain when another driver does this and is even more aggressive.

    Alonso at Nuburgring in 2007 against Massa.
    Piquet against someone I forget in the hairpin at Montreal (that was brilliant rubber to rubber execution and worth the price of admission alone).
    Alonso against Hamilton at Spa in 2007.
    and there have been more.

    this kid puts on a damn fine show.
    I don’t want drivers just tip-toeing along to hold on to their points.

    I want to see balls to the wall, every race counts, fights to the bitter end.

    they’re the very best. I want to see it all hanging out there when we put up good money to pay them to have fun.

    crying? there’s no crying in racing!

  15. The only negative issue I have in my head about Hamilton is the manner his F1 career started , as opposed to most F1 drivers who have to creep their way up the grid bit by bit. During my time of following F1 the only other driver I remember starting out in a top car was Jacques Villeneauve , with Williams , he almost won in the first year , then won it the next (1997) , and simply faded once he was no longer in the best car . I’m not saying that will happen to Lewis , but what I am saying he needs more time in the game , even if he wins the championship this year , it will take more to convince the loyal long time F1 supporters of his talent overall (ie. during the good times and the bad).

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