Super Aguri barred from Istanbul track – are Honda killing their B-team?

Honda, Barcelona, 2008, 470150, 2

According to reports a Super Aguri transporter has been barred from getting into the paddock at Istanbul. Autosport claims this is because the team will not be racing next weekend.

Honda team principal Nick Fry told the magazine he does not believe the Weigl Group, who recently made a bid for the team, are able to support it.

Fry is believed to want to get rid of the team because he does not want to spend any more money on it. Honda spent $200,000 on ensuring the team was able to compete in the Spanish Grand Prix after a previous attempt by Magma Group to save the team collapse.

As has been discussed before on this site before it seems the manufacturers who jumped at the opportunity to set up ‘B teams’ a few years ago when it appeared customer cars were going to become legal are now dropping them as customer cars will not be allowed. Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz is also trying to sell his second team Toro Rosso.

Without Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson on the F1 grid will be down to just 20 cars, which is believed to be the minimum number Bernie Ecclestone is contracted to bring to Grands Prix. If another team were to disappear, three-car teams might be permitted in order to fill up the grid.

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36 comments on Super Aguri barred from Istanbul track – are Honda killing their B-team?

  1. Toby said on 6th May 2008, 1:31

    p.s. Sorry about the s and the t Keith.

  2. If your looking to blame someone in the Honda F1 camp for pulling the funding out from SA look no further than Ross Brawn, he’d want every available dollar to go to his team, there are large expectations on his back.

    Reportedly it only cost Honda 200K to fund SA at Barcelona; chump change IMHO. Sure, Turkey will cost a bit more due to extended travel, but how much more?

    Not enough to shut the team down. To extract the best deal they can from Weigl, and to have him expose his true financial backers Honda have to APPEAR willing to kill off the team.

    Hardball negotiating at the last minute. SA will race this Sunday.

  3. Rabi said on 6th May 2008, 2:18

    Exactly what Honda should realise is the complete negative publicity against their team at the moment even if they aren’t responsible to the average fan they are responsible.

  4. Sush said on 6th May 2008, 9:23

    this just in

    over to Keith with the sports.

    sad day indeed.

  5. Journeyer said on 6th May 2008, 9:42

    Well, Rabi, I think Honda are beyond caring about their negative publicity now. They seem to be more concerned with the money…

    What a sad day for F1. Back to 20 cars in a year we were hoping for 24.

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 6th May 2008, 9:56

    Thanks for the tip Sush: Super Aguri leave Formula 1