2008 Turkish Grand Prix preview: how can anyone stop Ferrari?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Barcelona, 2008, practice, 470150

Ferrari have a seriously impressive winning streak going at the moment:

Race Kimi Raikkonen Felipe Massa
2007 Chinese Grand Prix 1 3
2007 Brazilian Grand Prix 1 2
2008 Australian Grand Prix 8 DNF
2008 Malaysian Grand Prix 1 DNF
2008 Bahrain Grand Prix 2 1
2008 Spanish Grand Prix 1 2

Their off-colour performance at Melbourne is the only blot in their last half-dozen races. Can anyone stop them in Istanbul?

Ferrari seemed to have a decisive few tenths of a second’s advantage over their closest rivals in Barcelona. In the last two races they’ve had both their drivers at the head of the pack within a couple of laps and dictated the pace of the race from there.

If either of their closest rivals – McLaren and BMW – can hold them back in Istanbul they need to begin on Saturday by getting ahead of them in qualifying.

In order to do that they probably need to run a little lighter on fuel. BMW have tried it a few times and Robert Kubica has looked like the driver best placed to do it.

McLaren on the other hand seem unwilling to run a lighter fuel load in qualifying. They have apparently been struggling with rear tyre wear, and if they ran a shorter first stint their later stints would have to be slightly longer as a result and might be too much for their tyres to take.

And McLaren and BMW now have the added complication of a resurgent Renault and Fernando Alonso, who seem able to get ahead of them (but not necessarily Ferrari), if they run light in qualifying.

It all points towards another one-two for Ferrari at a track where Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa have won all three of their previous races. I wouldn’t bet on anyone stopping them this weekend.

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