Video: Michael Schumacher competes in motorcycle race in Bresse, France

Much as I’d like to see him back in F1 alongside Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari (instead of just appearing in adverts with him), Michael Schumacher seems happy in retirement and is now trying his hand at racing with half the number of wheels he’s used to.

This is him at Bresse in France at a Week End Racing Cup event. Glad to see he’s not lost his sense of fashion either. Love that black and purple zig-zag top…

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5 comments on Video: Michael Schumacher competes in motorcycle race in Bresse, France

  1. Wesley said on 9th May 2008, 0:14

    God bless that speed freak…he just can’t get enough can he?

    ….as for his fashion sense,I always thought he dressed as though he was straight out of a bad 80’s movie.All he needs is big spiked hair,and maybe a metal spike arm band.

  2. So he’s 39 and he’s suddenly interested in motorbikes. Is this the world’s most high-profile mid-life crisis?

  3. Quite possibly ;) Still, if Michael’s enjoying himself, then that’s perfectly fine.

  4. KB said on 9th May 2008, 16:09

    Fair play to him….I love that man!

  5. Jean said on 16th May 2008, 10:20

    bless that man , in whatever he does , and he is so extremely talented , yet appears to be humble and knows that the “Great One” is in control and above all.

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