Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

Formula One 2006 PS2

Formula 1 will finally get a new video game title in 2009, three years since the last official F1 game made by Sony. Formula One Management were reported to be demanding up to $200m for the rights.

First, the good news: the game won’t be exclusive to a single machine, and is expected to be available for ‘major home consoles’ (presumably PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), PC and other formats. This is very important and I’m sure Codemasters’ expertise in producing cross-format titles helped them win the contract over the likes of Sony.

But the news isn’t all good I’m afraid.

The game will apparently be based on Codemasters’ EGO Engine software which powers Colin McRae: DIRT and the Race Driver series including the forthcoming title “Race Driver: GRID”.

I’ve not been very impressed with the recent versions of either of these games. The last Race Driver game had am impressive breadth of racing disciplines and circuits, but didn’t give a realistic impression of any of them.

The last Colin McRae game went for much the same approach: loads of different series and tracks but very short events, unconvincing physics and no depth.

I don’t want to pre-judge the new game before it comes out and Codemasters have made some excellent racing games in the past. Earlier instalments of both these series such as Colin McRae Rally 2 and TOCA 2 were excellent because they were chiefly based on a single discipline (world Rally Cars and British Touring Cars respectively).

Hopefully Codemasters will produce a 2009 F1 game closer to these classic titles and not just some disposable, short attention span trash that doesn’t deserve to have the F1 logo on it.

What do you want from a new F1 game?

I listed “make a decent F1 game” in the “Ten jobs for Bernie Ecclestone to do” article last year. Click here to read the other nine points on his “to-do” list.

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79 comments on Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

  1. Sush said on 9th May 2008, 15:48

    regarding reaching a new audience for F1 via the route of easily accessible console games is the way to go, it happened in the 90’s with Bizzare Creation’s F1 games for the ps1.

    it would be nice to chat F1 with other friends.

    Although two problems; said people think that Hamilton has “+5″ speed.

    and accessible to people like us means “sub par”

  2. Dan Brunell said on 9th May 2008, 17:05

    Looks like the trend of s#@% continues in Formula One gaming. I would go into this more but I would be repeating a similar rant I had a month ago in an article for another website: LINK:

    What drives me nuts the exclusivity of the deal. What is Codemasters’ motivation for making a quality game? By my previous experience with their games, they seem to make a game that is just good enough to sell without putting any quality in it. (I’m sorry, I trust Top Gear magazine in rating cars but definitely not in rating video games.)

    Not only that, what the heck is Formula One doing demanding $200 million for the rights? That is absolutely insane. Unlike the America’s National Football league that gets $500 million from EA for their license, F1 is an unknown quantity in the gaming world and what is know has been failure. This has absolutely ruined my day.

    Excuse me as I throw my little rubber red ball against the wall in office for the next hour.

  3. Toncho said on 9th May 2008, 20:49

    I would like to have a F1 version of the Gran Turismo series with real tracks, pilots and cars (current and past). Maybe one day in Playstation 10…

  4. Noel said on 10th May 2008, 2:25

    A realistic pitlane environment would make my day. The pitting in almost every racer I’ve ever played is atrocious!

    The Crammond series had a great set of options which allowed you to have tons of driving aids for an arcade feel, or turn them all off for an incredibly hard-to-drive, yet realistic simulation, giving beginners and hardcore specialists equal measure in one game. That idea works for me.

  5. - Safety car
    – Better flags
    – Aero that ‘develops’
    – Better pitstops
    – Better replication of different drivers’ driving styles
    – All the drivers
    – All tracks, including those that don’t make it to the calendar in 2009 (hey, I miss Belgium in F1CE)
    – Easter eggs including a video of Max eating pie

    • aidorags said on 18th March 2009, 1:34

      The new F1 2009 game should have all the circuits of the 2008 season and also the the 2009 season and you can select your custom circuits when you want to play a full championship season.
      The TV GRAPHICS should spot on like the 2008 season or 2009 season and also an editor for editing them and also
      updatable CARS CIRCUITS and OTHER EDITORS which you can get from the internet. MOST IMPORTANTLY A PIT assistence
      key and when pressed the car gets controlled by the AI,
      the car SLOWS down before entering the PITS, makes the stop and exits the PIT.
      (changing tyres, refueling, changing damaged parts like the GP4 series which is a spendid and best F1 game till date)
      ALSO ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON REALISTIC SOUND like the awesome FLICKERING ( not cracking ) SOUND which happens
      just after every GEAR UPSHIFTS ( love to hear it ).

  6. Oh, I’ve been playing rFactor (thanks for the heads up, everyone that mentioned it) and downloaded and installed the F1 1979 add-on and: I’ve never been so humiliated in my life, I’m 8 seconds off the pace! That’s ridiculous!

    Even in Grand Prix Legends I managed to get on with it much faster, and never were (except in Nurburgring perhaps) that slow.

    But to drive that T4 with number 12 on it is such a joy! Volume at maximum of course.

  7. rshrews said on 16th May 2008, 20:36

    Needs to be as close to GP Legends and Grand Prix series as possible. Variable weather is nice but cars should be realistic, utilize the actual circuits with a platform that will allow for mods. If its good it will draw a cult like Legends.

  8. have the same graphics as f1 championship edition ,and have the drivers switched around like they do .also the punching of the fist as they speed past the finish line that be real cool

  9. a everyone i still think f1 championship edition is the best racing game ive ever played even online .me against the world no match. me from new zealand bring it

  10. James said on 11th July 2008, 0:16

    this is disgusting! what are sony playing at? codemasters will ruin the f1 series. this has always been the best racer out under sony. now we’ll get a game where the physics are so bad u can go round monoco at 200mph- in the rain

  11. Hazza said on 31st July 2008, 20:41

    it wud be gud if you could to a warm up lap walm up your tires before the race starts and it would be cool if you could make ur drivers wave to the crowd wen they have crossed the finnish line it wud also be cool if wen you crash a crane wud get ur car off the track thanx for reading toodles

  12. Hazza said on 31st July 2008, 20:44

    me again
    it betta have a safety car in better graphics of the track danage on car nd also the driver

  13. Rocker said on 6th August 2008, 21:29

    Make an F1 game the best damn that u can.
    Beyond Forza 2 graphics,
    and lots of new Rockn’Roll music.
    Lots of custom color paints for cars.
    Force feedback heavy of course.
    and be sure there is a 3rd person view
    and driver seat view.
    And dont make the damn thing tiny,
    i hate that. Make it extra large proramming.
    80 percent of the screen is the car in
    driver view mode.
    And if u cannot do it right,
    send it to ea,
    they did an awesome job with
    f1 2001.
    Dont do a half ass job like indycar 2005.
    i hated that.
    Remember the paint has to glisten,
    the sounds realistic,
    the competition mildly agressive,
    the wheels have to look real,
    and the scenery has to be super amazing.
    the levels have to be selectable.
    and it should save with ease.
    custom paintjobs too.
    and customize the car too.
    upgrade motors, upgrade tiresize, etc.
    and replay videos in hidef.
    infact the whole damn game must be in ultra hidef.
    if u cant do it,
    send it ea, because they can.

  14. Rocker said on 6th August 2008, 21:34

    and make sure u put it on xbox 360 and ps3.
    and dont forget,
    call it Indycar 2009.
    do better than that
    next year and call it Indycar 2010.
    Indycar makes more sense than saying
    f1. F1 sounds like you are ordering food.
    I’ll take the f1. u want fries with that….
    serious, call it indycar.
    it makes more sense that way.

  15. Rocker said on 6th August 2008, 21:39

    Forza 2 has an f1 indycar, but its sooooo unmodifiable,
    and i hated that, but it plays well.
    jus incase u didnt know its towards the far right
    on the f series of cars.
    if u already
    have the game, u can try the indycar for free.
    problem is its not customizable.
    graphics are great though.

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