Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

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Formula One 2006 PS2

Formula 1 will finally get a new video game title in 2009, three years since the last official F1 game made by Sony. Formula One Management were reported to be demanding up to $200m for the rights.

First, the good news: the game won’t be exclusive to a single machine, and is expected to be available for ‘major home consoles’ (presumably PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), PC and other formats. This is very important and I’m sure Codemasters’ expertise in producing cross-format titles helped them win the contract over the likes of Sony.

But the news isn’t all good I’m afraid.

The game will apparently be based on Codemasters’ EGO Engine software which powers Colin McRae: DIRT and the Race Driver series including the forthcoming title “Race Driver: GRID”.

I’ve not been very impressed with the recent versions of either of these games. The last Race Driver game had am impressive breadth of racing disciplines and circuits, but didn’t give a realistic impression of any of them.

The last Colin McRae game went for much the same approach: loads of different series and tracks but very short events, unconvincing physics and no depth.

I don’t want to pre-judge the new game before it comes out and Codemasters have made some excellent racing games in the past. Earlier instalments of both these series such as Colin McRae Rally 2 and TOCA 2 were excellent because they were chiefly based on a single discipline (world Rally Cars and British Touring Cars respectively).

Hopefully Codemasters will produce a 2009 F1 game closer to these classic titles and not just some disposable, short attention span trash that doesn’t deserve to have the F1 logo on it.

What do you want from a new F1 game?

I listed “make a decent F1 game” in the “Ten jobs for Bernie Ecclestone to do” article last year. Click here to read the other nine points on his “to-do” list.

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  1. we want simulation. something that can blow our minds away.codemasters grid was an exceptional arcade racing game, but the realism of it was a large lack.. there were things that could have been made better, the drifting in the game is actually the only thing that holds me to it.

  2. As an avid fan of F1 and an avid fan of F1 Racing Games, having played all of the GrandPrix games from Geoff Crammond, having played F1 Championship from 99-02, and rFactor. I also want to include Forza and Gran Turismo to that list, I need to say this.

    If the new Codemasters game is anything like GRID, I will be EXTREMELY dissapointed!!! If anyone has played that game it is an abomination of racing altogether!! it’s like they took the DIRT physics and just tried to apply them to a road car!! Sound is terrible, controls are terrible, illusion of speed is terrible.

    Please on my Wish List!! Codemaster!! Start fresh, and do not use your previous attempts to create F1! PLEASE!!!!

  3. Well I would love an ol’ thing come back :
    The GHOST TRACKS (like the good old ones from Codemasters TOCA 2!)

    Not only you could learn how to drive the track in a faster way – it was also a funny way to practise and beat your freinds..

    OOOH yeah and I would LOVE to get a “track preview” on/of for learning new tracks faster..
    Yeah yeah.. I KNOW it’s kind of arcade game’ish, but if you can turn it of it shouldn’t be a problem to bring it along ??

    In short : Ghost tracks and Track preview would do me more happy!
    (and PS remember the night lights for night driving.. ;) )
    (Maybe more to come..)

  4. OMG!! I really cannot wait for this game to come out!! I was rather dissapointed with F1 06 as i felt that the Carrer on it could of been a bit more realistic and some of the graphics more inspirering. The commentry as well could of been better and more diverse and much more competitive races, however i will be upset that the magny cours circuit will not be there this time round as it is one of my favourite tracks to race on. Good luck Codemasters and please don’t dissapoint

  5. Please make the game available for Nintendo Wii, Codemasters and make it so you can use it on Nintendo Wi Fi.

    Plz =]

  6. did yu know if the 2009 F1 runs out for PC computers?
    I would llike to know please…

  7. Essential ingredients:

    Full race distance mode
    Full championship mode (multiple seasons if possible)
    Fully adjustable car set up
    Proper pit stops
    Realistic handling & physics
    Variable weather
    19 other, realistically controlled, cars to race against
    Random failures & race incidents – safety cars, yellow flags etc
    Decent graphics
    Martin Brundle commentary

    1. dont forget being able to be ur own driver or even having your own team dat would be a plus.

  8. (Continued)
    If it’s going to be for updates or mods, please make sure it is easy to install trakcs and stuff!

    I got freinds who also drive F1 games, and I always have to install tracks for them ;)

    As many here suggest, I also would love a “non-arcade” version.

    Now remember the ghost tracks ;)
    (And could you restart the Toca2 server too, please? ;) )
    Ricardo : I guess I’ve been reading here that it will do for PC version too, but of course don’t expect it will run on a Pentium 486 :)
    Maybe even more to come..! :)

  9. It better be out on PlayStation2 and it better have the great quality of F1 06 otherwise I’m splashing out on something else…

  10. Well ive got loads of things they could put on the new F1 09 game:
    Better on board cameras
    Have flexible goals in the career mode instead of qualifying X position and finishing X position and beating ur teammate
    More commentary
    2 types of pit stops: 1 interactive, 1 non-interactive player chooses
    More helmet designs!!!
    More radio transmission
    More action happening on track because the cars only occasionly collide…
    More failures in the car instead of just an engine failure :S
    Pre race interviews just like on TV lol
    Post race ceremony
    Rivalries with other drivers or teams??
    No black and white flag thats never used!!!!!!
    Last idea: yellow flags safety cars red flags as well and better cautions.

  11. I cant wait for this game it would probaly make me buy a ps3 if it has a few or all the following. I think it should be a very advanced game involving tactics and a chance to invest in new ideas throughout the car on a real game play mode like new car designs, chassis and improved pit stops were you can change front wing angles and stuff and more things you can do to the car so people get the feel of a real race throughout a normal f1 season. For hardcore players and people who just want to have a bit fun a challenge mode or something like that to improve driving skills. and its got to have a free mode Friday practice and qualifying. also a chance to reply to other drivers comments and stuff like that like a story mode were say alonso was giving lip to Hamilton he could reply the way the player would like to reply i.e. attack, defensive or ignore something like that. also the idea of you in the papers and popularity rankings throughout spectators and other racers throughout the season would be good. lots of radio transmission and more failures for example gearbox tyre flat spots graining more race incidents and lots of action happening throughout the race. If they live up to these F%@K me that would be a game and a bit.


  12. What we want?
    – A possibility of update tracks, pilots and cars to the next seasons.
    – A complete personal career with large statistics for multiple seasons, with a original table point until real f1 2008 status. “i want grow up my fixture career instead the real M.Schumachers records and points (p.e.)
    – Jogability … Adjust to play with keyboard only or use the wheel. The Toca Race 3 and de Grid demo, or rFactor F1 2008 Mod, have a fantastic graphics, but the keyboard users do not play these game (I think will sell more copies if have the keyboard interface – See GP3 or GP4 engine).
    – The timing seems with FIA official (TAG or Siemens).
    Im playing GP3 2000 (Geoff Crammond) actually (is a old game) because I can update files, make my personal car (painting color), chosse tracks… But this game do not have a sequencial career and the graphics for the actual processors and graphics engine is older and poor.

  13. On-line Carreer
    No penalty when they crash into you.
    Safty car.
    earn money in career mode so yoiu can buy a house etc.
    Kart option for charity.

  14. realistic lap times

  15. i would like to see other drivers you take there drive away they get a chance to drive for another team and that you can put more of you profile on and like fifa do now have you last name said out in the race also a f1 manager game would go down real well so people that had the dream of being part of a team can do so

  16. yeah saftey car would be good also try to make it more life like. like get sponsers for you self put your own face on it create your own helment

  17. I have been preying that codemaster don’t make the new F1 game like they did F3 on race driver grid. It was a terribly unrealistic game to play. hope they take some tips from Liverpool studio as their last instalment was pretty spot on.

    There should be safety cars and extra emphasis on stratagy because I think thats what hardcore F1 fans want. There should also be an arcade element to the game for people that just wanna pick up and play.

    Codemaster have the opertunity to make this game brilliant but i fear they are gonna mess it up

  18. first of all I would like THE game to have carrier mode,as in creating your own player,have contract deals as in FIFA…a race calendar,teams hireing you for your performance…start small end up big,and possibly the requirements not up the roof

  19. Still to date the only F1 game worth looking at is Geoff Crammonds GP4.

    Since that time which is over 6 years now, Sinbin has been the only other developer to have made a worth while & realistic racing car game called GTR.

    I have tried the od F1 game on the PS2 & PS3 but they just frustrate me and are a total waste of time.

    I hope to god that codemasters are serious about designing this game for the real F1 fan in mind.

    The most important thing is that this game needs to be realistic. If its not then it will have the same response as all other F1 games over the last 6 years. It won’t even make it to the top 10 game list and will be a total waste of money to Codemasters.

    So my wish list:

    2. All drivers.
    3. All tracks.
    4. Complete race weekend.
    5. Complete championship (Ongoing career mode with pre-session changes would also be nice).
    6. Realistic pit stops with different race strategies.
    7. Detailed car setups.

    GP4 game from the PC with the graphics and career mode of F1 Championship addition on PS3.

  20. I have only purchased my PS-3 because of the impending new 2009 version. We the users require a realistic handling set-up capability when completing pre-race tests. We don’t expect all the differing race play,A1 modes,Race play etc to be perfect on this first installment, however as has been said there are many previous versions and current race Sims to work from and better.
    The following is a MUST LIST/not wish along with the above blogs that must be surpassed to entice and retain ALL the F1 family :-
    1. Safety car.
    2. Challengers/pressure for your seat.
    3. Achievable and realist aims.
    4. Podium upon race completion.
    5. Changeable wings for differing set ups.
    6. More errors on drivers put under pressure.
    That will do for now as this is only the first installment. P.s Do not RUSH it out. Get it right, if you want our cash.

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