Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

Formula One 2006 PS2

Formula 1 will finally get a new video game title in 2009, three years since the last official F1 game made by Sony. Formula One Management were reported to be demanding up to $200m for the rights.

First, the good news: the game won’t be exclusive to a single machine, and is expected to be available for ‘major home consoles’ (presumably PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), PC and other formats. This is very important and I’m sure Codemasters’ expertise in producing cross-format titles helped them win the contract over the likes of Sony.

But the news isn’t all good I’m afraid.

The game will apparently be based on Codemasters’ EGO Engine software which powers Colin McRae: DIRT and the Race Driver series including the forthcoming title “Race Driver: GRID”.

I’ve not been very impressed with the recent versions of either of these games. The last Race Driver game had am impressive breadth of racing disciplines and circuits, but didn’t give a realistic impression of any of them.

The last Colin McRae game went for much the same approach: loads of different series and tracks but very short events, unconvincing physics and no depth.

I don’t want to pre-judge the new game before it comes out and Codemasters have made some excellent racing games in the past. Earlier instalments of both these series such as Colin McRae Rally 2 and TOCA 2 were excellent because they were chiefly based on a single discipline (world Rally Cars and British Touring Cars respectively).

Hopefully Codemasters will produce a 2009 F1 game closer to these classic titles and not just some disposable, short attention span trash that doesn’t deserve to have the F1 logo on it.

What do you want from a new F1 game?

I listed “make a decent F1 game” in the “Ten jobs for Bernie Ecclestone to do” article last year. Click here to read the other nine points on his “to-do” list.

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79 comments on Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

  1. Rocker said on 6th August 2008, 21:43

    I know ea’s f1 01 works on x360
    i havent tried f1 02 nor f1 career challenge.
    those might work too, i jus dont know about that.
    but the f1 01 has the driver seat view
    and it runs smoothly very fast on x360.

    and f1 01 has preset colors of cars u can choose from
    orange, green, blue, black, yellow.

    so that gives u options on the color of your f1 car.
    which is cool.

  2. the game should include more and realsitic accidents and mistakes done by the “computer-drien” cars and in particular saftycar-phases sould be included,too.

  3. physics, physics, physics, graphics are to a point we;re you can hardly tell if is a real video footage or a game(sim.) if you get it right you can make up to a billion in revenue, have coding for 2012 upgrade and charge but have new updates for graphics etc etc. similar to it is expensive but good dammed it the sure did a great job.

    create online competition with prizes have f1 sponsor it.

    have f1 simulators stores around the world. etcetc.. peace

  4. A new F1 game should be all about realism and simulation in my opinion. The formula one franchise has been progressing well over the years under the direction of Sony, and the fact that Codemasters has won the right to create a new Formula One franchise scares me immensely – especially after having played their most recent driving game “Race Driver:GRID”. From a simulation racers’ perspective this is one of the worst racing experiences since Electronic Arts tried their hand at creating a Formula One game back in 2003 – simply awful. I know that Codemasters is capable of creating brilliant racing titles, ie/ TOCA Race Driver & Colin McRae Rally – however their last attempts have left a lot to be desired. The simulation game that is streets ahead of any competition (including GT5p) at the moment is System 3’s Ferrari Challenge. I cannot stress enough the fact that someone at Codemasters NEEDS to study the physics engine in this game if they are to produce a successful racing title because this is the defining simulation game of the current age in terms of realism and simulation. The graphics are not brilliant, but when you have produced a game with physics of this quality the graphics are easy to forgive. I can only hope that I’m am proved wrong in regards to Codemasters taking the reins on this one.

  5. Never played Ferrari Challenge myself, but from the videos: isn’t that an arcade? I really don’t see a simulation anywhere.

  6. Ferrari Challenge definitely isn’t an arcade game – play it and you’ll find out. It’s like Forza 2 and GT4p rolled into one, only much better than both of them – only problem is that you can only drive Ferrari’s.

  7. i think the game should be on ps3 only and when is it coming out the new one

  8. i want f1 2009 have anything that all the others metioed…i want to know and something else…in how many months or years i d be able to play it????

  9. it s me again (before i meant mentioned)i want something else i d like the game be for ps2 and pc not only for ps3 thank you

  10. Chris Findlay said on 29th September 2008, 15:20

    Ideally they would release it on the ps2,but i can understand them following the trend of leaving old consoles in the past.
    ive been eagerly anticapating this news and want to thank this site for notifying me that the long wait is finally over!
    id like to suggest the following things on the upcoming codemasters f1 game: Manager mode, Reaslistic sound and graphics, all tracks and drivers, Real life pit stops.
    i realise that all sounds simple but i think its important to get the basics right and not get too complicated!
    Thanks codemasters!
    p.s lewis for the title he deserves :)

  11. we want simulation. something that can blow our minds away.codemasters grid was an exceptional arcade racing game, but the realism of it was a large lack.. there were things that could have been made better, the drifting in the game is actually the only thing that holds me to it.

  12. BuckXtreme said on 8th October 2008, 15:41

    As an avid fan of F1 and an avid fan of F1 Racing Games, having played all of the GrandPrix games from Geoff Crammond, having played F1 Championship from 99-02, and rFactor. I also want to include Forza and Gran Turismo to that list, I need to say this.

    If the new Codemasters game is anything like GRID, I will be EXTREMELY dissapointed!!! If anyone has played that game it is an abomination of racing altogether!! it’s like they took the DIRT physics and just tried to apply them to a road car!! Sound is terrible, controls are terrible, illusion of speed is terrible.

    Please on my Wish List!! Codemaster!! Start fresh, and do not use your previous attempts to create F1! PLEASE!!!!

  13. ChokDK said on 13th October 2008, 0:40

    Well I would love an ol’ thing come back :
    The GHOST TRACKS (like the good old ones from Codemasters TOCA 2!)

    Not only you could learn how to drive the track in a faster way – it was also a funny way to practise and beat your freinds..

    OOOH yeah and I would LOVE to get a “track preview” on/of for learning new tracks faster..
    Yeah yeah.. I KNOW it’s kind of arcade game’ish, but if you can turn it of it shouldn’t be a problem to bring it along ??

    In short : Ghost tracks and Track preview would do me more happy!
    (and PS remember the night lights for night driving.. ;) )
    (Maybe more to come..)

  14. Thorney said on 20th October 2008, 14:39

    OMG!! I really cannot wait for this game to come out!! I was rather dissapointed with F1 06 as i felt that the Carrer on it could of been a bit more realistic and some of the graphics more inspirering. The commentry as well could of been better and more diverse and much more competitive races, however i will be upset that the magny cours circuit will not be there this time round as it is one of my favourite tracks to race on. Good luck Codemasters and please don’t dissapoint

  15. Razza C said on 27th October 2008, 12:59

    Please make the game available for Nintendo Wii, Codemasters and make it so you can use it on Nintendo Wi Fi.

    Plz =]

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