Good news, bad news: Codemasters to make 2009 F1 video game

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Formula One 2006 PS2

Formula 1 will finally get a new video game title in 2009, three years since the last official F1 game made by Sony. Formula One Management were reported to be demanding up to $200m for the rights.

First, the good news: the game won’t be exclusive to a single machine, and is expected to be available for ‘major home consoles’ (presumably PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii), PC and other formats. This is very important and I’m sure Codemasters’ expertise in producing cross-format titles helped them win the contract over the likes of Sony.

But the news isn’t all good I’m afraid.

The game will apparently be based on Codemasters’ EGO Engine software which powers Colin McRae: DIRT and the Race Driver series including the forthcoming title “Race Driver: GRID”.

I’ve not been very impressed with the recent versions of either of these games. The last Race Driver game had am impressive breadth of racing disciplines and circuits, but didn’t give a realistic impression of any of them.

The last Colin McRae game went for much the same approach: loads of different series and tracks but very short events, unconvincing physics and no depth.

I don’t want to pre-judge the new game before it comes out and Codemasters have made some excellent racing games in the past. Earlier instalments of both these series such as Colin McRae Rally 2 and TOCA 2 were excellent because they were chiefly based on a single discipline (world Rally Cars and British Touring Cars respectively).

Hopefully Codemasters will produce a 2009 F1 game closer to these classic titles and not just some disposable, short attention span trash that doesn’t deserve to have the F1 logo on it.

What do you want from a new F1 game?

I listed “make a decent F1 game” in the “Ten jobs for Bernie Ecclestone to do” article last year. Click here to read the other nine points on his “to-do” list.

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  1. 1 physics
    2 better pit stops
    3 much more control on the car set ups
    4 better qualifying(choose to watch any other driver`s qualy lap against your personaly time)
    5 PHYSICS (are you listening Codemasters) we NEED
    6 all drivers and tracks
    7 safety car
    8 choose to race in previous seasons (using modern drivers)
    9 help to set up car settings
    10 downloadable content
    11 good online modes

    please please please give us a good f1 sim

  2. Jordan-England.
    22nd February 2009, 21:00

    I am so glad that codemaster are publishing an f1 game for 360. What i mostly want from F1 2009 is everything exactly the same as the real-life f1 season such as, being able to fine- tune your car exactly how you want to drive it with extreme detail and a realy good carrer mode that will last for years. Most of all however I would love for this game to have car handleing like Progect Gotham 4 or Forza 2 which is realistic and you must be on your game to handle your car around corners and follow the raceing line not the Race driver Grid sharp turning un-realistic easy turning which also features in Codemaster rally games. So please Codemaster BE REALISTIC. JH – England.

  3. Ian Thompson
    16th March 2009, 12:54

    Hi i have been racing online for 4 yrs now with RFACTOR on a server called its the most real sim out there for me,so i look forward to a sim from codemasters:D

  4. The new F1 2009 game should have all the circuits of the 2008 season and also the the 2009 season and you can select your custom circuits when you want to play a full championship season.
    The TV GRAPHICS should spot on like the 2008 season or 2009 season and also an editor for editing them and also
    updatable CARS CIRCUITS and OTHER EDITORS which you can get from the internet. MOST IMPORTANTLY A PIT assistence
    key and when pressed the car gets controlled by the AI,
    the car SLOWS down before entering the PITS, makes the stop and exits the PIT.
    (changing tyres, refueling, changing damaged parts like the GP4 series which is a spendid and best F1 game till date)
    ALSO ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON REALISTIC SOUND like the awesome FLICKERING ( not cracking ) SOUND which happens
    just after every GEAR UPSHIFTS ( love to hear it ).
    AND also I forgot A SAFTY CAR.

  5. the game needs to have a really good career mode with job offers and pit stops where you can change your tires even if your on a 12 lap race also it needs to have your race engineer talking to you during the race. finally there needs to be some interaction after the race in parc ferme.

  6. o yh and afety cars and a warm up(parade) lap.

  7. i think taht they should base the game on just f1 , all the new teams and drivers like brawn gp, that would be a great game if they added the kerz system to make you go faster if you want it like in the real f1 09 season.

  8. Nathanial LRB
    24th April 2009, 12:48

    I would love to see three main things:

    (1) Realistic graphics, e.g. damage
    (2) Brawn GP have to be included
    (3) A design your own Formula One team, including
    the graphics stage of designing your car, helmet and

  9. what about the nintenddo ds

  10. realistic damage
    more failures rather than just engine
    realistic tire wear
    realistic performance when relating to the amount of fuel carried

    i dont want a game where a car carrying 17 laps of fuel laps at roughly the same time as a car carrying 30 laps of fuel,also a car with more fuel on board should wear out its tires faster than a car with less fuel.

    realistic race marshal animations,plus all the marshals and race flags
    safty cars
    different stratagy options,dont have all the bot cars piting on the same lap.

    options to change pit stop being allowed to change from say a 3 stop to a 1 stop during the race

  11. im not sure that codemasters will be able to recreate the realsim that sony created with f1 06 but we’ll have to see. the good thing about codemasters gaining the rights is that they can make the game playable on different formats, and i would love to see this game on the wii. we will just have to wait and see….

  12. A game as close to an F1 simulator as possible.
    Plus please make this the best ever online racing game too. (Please not like GRID where a lot of silly players ruins the game by driving stockcar race)

  13. …one more thing: Make Schummi a choice of driver (If he replaces Massa)
    This would boost the game as well as the general interest of the game too ;-)

  14. I would like the tracks & cars 2 be as realistic as possible! & have my own formula1 car 2 build to race against them on carrier mode. Also have alot of sponsors I could put on the formula1 car that I build to race, & I would like 2 be the driver of there cars as well on a different mode. Much appreciated

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