Video: Fisichella blames Bourdais for crash with Nakajima in Turkish GP

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Giancarlo Fisichella reckons Sebastien Bourdais caused him to crash at the start of the Turkish Grand Prix. Fisichella said:

I made a good start but then under braking Bourdais changed direction twice and I couldn’t brake in time and went into the back of the Williams

Looking at the video it’s hard to agree with him.

Bourdais’ car appears to follow Kazuki Nakajima’s Williams at first, and from the positioning of the car it’s pretty clear he’s lining up to try a pass down the inside. He moves left for the inside line – this is no doubt what Fisichella believes is Bourdais’ ‘illegal second move’ – and as they reach the first corner Fisichella locks up his brakes and hits Nakajima’s car hard enough to fly over the top of it.

I don’t agree with Fisichella’s explanation. It would take a very harsh interpretation of the rules to conclude that Bourdais’ driving was at fault. And I think the fact Fisichella hit Nakajima so hard that his car took off shows Fisichella simply braked too late for the first corner.

If the roles were reversed and Nakajima, with six Grand Prix starts to his name, had hit Fisichella, who starts his 200th at Monaco, I think people would be calling for Nakajima to get a race ban.