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Sense of irony failure as Sky slags off ITV motorsport coverage 15th May 2008, 21:13

Regular readers will know of my displeasure with Sky’s practice of missing live Indy Car racing to bring NASCAR instead. And yet on their motoring blog is happy to knock ITV for the quality of their F1 coverage: Desperate to sponge the most revenue out of this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix, ITV put an ad […]

The worst?ǣcase scenario

Call it the credit crunch, call it the sub-prime crisis, whatever you call it, I call it trouble. It?s hard to pinpoint exactly what the consequences of the developing global economic downturn will be for Formula 1. But it?s hard to imagine them being good. And to the pessimists it could look very bad indeed.

Sebastian Vettel: the driver debates

The debate over who is the most-hyped driver in Formula 1 is a short one. But who is the second most-hyped driver in F1 after Lewis Hamilton? Sebastian Vettel may be a candidate. He arrived in the sport at a rude young age last year and is apparently already being considered for a promotion to […]

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