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Mosley makes lurid new claims in desperate bid to stay in power 16th May 2008, 21:05

Max Mosley has written to the presidents of the FIA motor sport clubs around the world in a new attempt to press his case and avoid a motion of no confidence in him at the Emergency General Meeting on June 3rd. Grandprix.com claims to have seen the letter and has published a portion, describing the […]

Debate: The Bottom 10 F1 drivers

Alan Henry’s done it, F1 Racing did it, and now The Times are naming their top 100 F1 drivers. I toyed with the idea of doing something similar here but these debates always end up the same: arguments about whether you can compare drivers from the ’50s with those from five decades later, why all […]

Codemasters 2009 F1 game wish list

We learned last week that Codemasters had snatched the rights to produce the official Formula 1 game from Sony, and the first installment in the series will arrive next year. Codemasters have a clear choice in how to approach this. They can cynically exploit the F1 brand and just stick the official drivers and team […]

The Ben Evans column: Technique

I sadly missed the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday because I was racing in the Czech Republic, so I?ve had to rely on race reports to get a full understanding of what happened. Of all the comment and intrigue from the weekend, the factor that has stood out the most to me, has been the […]

Monaco royalty snubs Mosley (Update: Mosley claims conspiracy against him)

Max Mosley’s hopes of remaining FIA president have been dealt a new blow as it has emerged that he will be in delegating his duties as FIA president to someone else at next weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix . Monaco’s royal palace do not want him to meet Prince Albert and so FIA vice-president Marco Piccinini […]

Formula 1 as a spec series

Yesterday I considered what would happen to Formula 1 if the economic crisis caused teams to leave the sport. Before I wrote that reader Scott Newton had sent in his thoughts on how F1 could work with just a few manufacturers supplying all the chassis. My idea stems from the concern that customer cars will […]

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