Codemasters 2009 F1 game wish list

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Formula 1 World Championship Edition, Playstation 3

We learned last week that Codemasters had snatched the rights to produce the official Formula 1 game from Sony, and the first installment in the series will arrive next year.

Codemasters have a clear choice in how to approach this. They can cynically exploit the F1 brand and just stick the official drivers and team colours on a bog-standard racing engine.

Or they can create something truly original that will court both young newcomers to the sport and long-term fans; those looking for a quick race, and those hankering for an immersive, long-term challenge. Here’s what I think they should do with the new F1 game.

Cater for both crowds. Racing game fans are generally split between those who want pick-up-and-play arcade fun, and those who are happy to while away hours with a realistic simulator refining setups and chasing lap times.

Geoff Crammond’s excellent Grand Prix series proved you can create a game that caters for both crowds. Turn all the driving aids on, and you can ricochet off the Monte-Carlo walls to your heart’s content. Turn them off, and try tackling the same event with full race distance and the weather changing as you drive, and it suddenly becomes exponentially more demanding.

Proper career mode. Inevitably the game will have to be based around the current season. But why not throw in a few of the last years’ teams, drivers and tracks as well?

If the new game covered the seasons from 2001 to today then fans of Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa could re-create their heroes paths from the likes of Sauber and Minardi to to Ferrari and Renault.

Why not take the idea a step further and offer expansion packs bundling different seasons together? A ‘Michael Schumacher years’ kit would go down a storm in Germany and I’d love to have a go on a ‘turbo era’ version.

Challenge mode. While we’re nicking ideas from the past, let’s merge F1 history with Gran Turismo’s ‘Challenge mode’. A sub-game could re-create famous moments from F1’s past – you could be Nigel Mansell chasing down Nelson Piquet at Silverstone in 1987, or Kimi Raikkonen racing from 17th to first at Suzuka in 2005, or Juan Manuel Fangio reeling in the Ferraris of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins at the Nurburgring in 1957. Complete the challenges to unlock bonus tracks or cars.

Evolving cars. We all know that a Ferrari at Monza looks totally different to one at Monte-Carlo. The graphics should reflect that, with tea tray wings on the super-fast tracks, and aerofoils bolted onto every available surface at the street races.

Checklist. No official F1 game should go to market in the 21st century without the following: race control modelling including safety car periods, car damage and reliability modelling, online play, changeable weather and convincing computer driver intelligence.

What do you want from the new Codemasters F1 game? What other racing games should it borrow ideas from? And what should it avoid?

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  1. i would without a doubt like the multiplayer mode to be alot better than the recent one. The online mode to me is terrible and i think the fact that u cant split screen is odd. things needed: safety car- pit stops improving (lessfuel quicker the stop)- updates aviable- different cars work better round different tracks etc..

  2. I think there should be a career mode where you start in a lower team like for example Force India and you make your way up to being in a top team. You also create your own racer and put your face on the character by using the xbox 360 vision camera or the PS3’s PlayStation Eye. There should be realistic car crashes and changeable weather. There should be different camera angles and there should be the grid walk and see the cars on the cars on the grid before the race. You should be able to see the drivers in the pit lane and the mechanics working on the car in qualifying. There should be a realistic podium sceane after the race with the top three drivers on the poduim with the full national anthems. After the race you should see the top three drivers park their cars. There should be higlights after every race and safety cars. As Super Auguri are not in F1 any more they should be put in the game exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PS3. There should be realistic pit stops and if the pit crew made a mistake their should be a reply of their error.

  3. Convincing damage modelling! If I touch a barrier or another car I don’t want to just bounce off it. I want to see carbon fibre literring the track and affecting the driving line.

  4. I think that the safety car is neccessary,and also penalties or changing weather.There should be the Career mode as in FIFA 08 game,with moneys and offers that let you choose the sponsor of the car.There should be more details of the track.In career mode you shouldn’t be only the driver but even the manager of the team.
    I belive in codemasters because they have done even other super games.I hope that they will do the same again.

  5. I also think that in career mode the teams should develop with new cars,engines and with a new look.In the career mode should also be new teams and drivers created by the computer not by the player.

  6. This is going to be a brilliant game, as long as they do, the safety car, and a ‘career mode@ and a ‘Scenario mode’

  7. I’d like to see a real effort to imitate the speed differences between teams and team-mates. A Force India should not be 7 seconds a lap slower than a Ferrari, and I shouldn’t be able to get on Pole while my team-mate languishes in 14th every other race. This has been a real problem to my mind in both arcade platform, and PC sims/mods. There is a Constructor’s Championship to fight for in Formula 1 too!

  8. Safety car = 0 fun

    It’s correct and proper and could, if you have an industrial sized brain may mean you could make it work to your advantage, but given development needs I’d put that firmly on the back burner with other wish list items.

    Things that frustrate me in the current game

    1. Qualify 1st and get taken out by a very dodgy manoeuvre from the rear. I then get an email saying bad weekend. Or another example, I win the world title in a Toyota and don’t get a top team offer. C’mon

    I believe a more graduated success and failure system should be introduced.

    2. I’m unable to save and store my default car set ups and run an import/export system. This needs to be included allowing up to 19 different nameable maps.

    3. Wet times need to be notched back for AI – I was running round Magny and the AI hit 1.14…. on inters. I’ll hit 1.13 easily in the dry but only a one sec between dry and wet seems a little screwy to me.

    4. Weather predictions in set up screens and pre race set up screen to allow you to determine your tyre choice following a wet Q3. You could also have access to tweak some elements of the car as in real life.

    5. Race car evolution that allows you to preset any element you do not wish to pursue. So if you don’t need to work out your fuel strategy you do not need to complete the fuel evolution, merely set the value to carry through.

    6. Increased information from the pit wall and reduced commentary – “You dropped point 5 to Massa in that sector “, “Kimi has just pitted”

    7. In car mapping options on brake balance (if this is still allowed) triangle to hit brake map one etc.

    8. Rumble feature

    9. Oil to affect all cars – I’ll see myself drive over an oil patch and hear my engine rev drop but then see the car behind on the same line catch me rather than maintain parity.

    10. Personal tests that allow you to alter the default track settings al la real tests. And a very personal call to remove Spain from the roster of test tracks

    11. 6 second slow-down after I run wide on a corner losing about 10 places! When and where penalties are imposed needs to be reviewed entirely. It’s a good mechanism when you cut a corner at Monaco for example but if you lose places why would you incur an additional penalty?

    12. The first Play station game had a completely fictitious track as a prize on winning the championship (all all time trials, I forget) that may be a welcome return. Also a return of the concept that tangible gaming regards for completing a winning career or championship rather than time trials.

  9. can they bring a new f1 game out 4 this christmas please.

  10. Aarón Villar
    13th July 2008, 3:08

    We want codemasters to do their best for f1 2009 game. Everybody want’s to have available all the little changes to the car, race rules and meteorologic conditions as real as posible as a choice in the game, if you think you can handle them.

    We want to seat and enjoy racing rapped with a big screen, wheel, pedals, buttons, etc. and share with the grand prix pilots the sense of a great competition.

    The F1 pc sim game has to go on improving yearly for all of us who can not to drive a real car.

  11. I love playing F1 game it has a career mode so I can put my name as driver loved every minutes playing for career mode , I would like to see manager mode with budget example : sponsors, engine, tyres and fuel deals, improving f1 car designs and etc , if cant put everything in one game why not do two games for f1 game and f1 manager 2009 it will be interesting.

    1. u can do that online with a game called grand prix raceing online

  12. hi
    i’d like there to be a mode to create your own team were you could design your own car obviously you’d be given the basic model eg for this season the R26 but you’d be able to possibly make sponsorship deals or just be able to add decals to your car. another option is to give just car designs to pick from.

    another thing that should be concentrated on is crashes when i hit the wall slightly i want to see tiny bits of carbonfibre coming off the car and affecting drive line but make this an in game option for less experienced gamers.

  13. 1. Manager Mode where you can design your own car, type of angine e.g. Mercedes, Renault, Honda etc, sign drivers, get sponsors.
    2. Longer season mode
    3. In season mode a driver can move to another team.
    4. Weather forecast for race
    5. More in-depth pit wall radio and commentary
    6. Show the team working on your car in the garage.
    7. Pre season tests, Mid season tests, and tests when season finished, not just the tests you get as a test driver. Have full tests where different teams are at the circuit aswell.

  14. i would like to see a real garages so when you go in the garage you will see all your pit crew and they pull you the car in. i would like to see a new carear mode first you test for a team. if you do well the team will take you. and in every race you pay from your wages for a hotel. if you win(1-3) a race you get extra wages. if you finish a race from (4-last)you get the same wages. if you crash the car you have to pay for it and get no wages. and in every race there will be the friday two practices,saturday practice,saturday qualifying 1,2,3. make damage on or off. when a car crashes make the car break in a disaster.

  15. i as a kid think there should some sort of amazing game which covers all the best parts of f1 and gives you the chance to be the boss of say bmw or ferrari

    and hamilton to win 09

  16. Hamilton to win 08 ya mean! :P
    Codemasters should do a good job no worries, their obviously going to make it as realistic as it should be, which is a good thing because i was largely let down by Race Driver: GRID.
    Just wish someone would bring one out for this year, two F1 games concerning the same year is a bit wrong to me.

  17. Management game needs to be done also, F1 Manager on the PC was wicked, set in 99 so it’s bit old now, wish someone would do a new one of that aswell.

  18. I hope you get to do your own career by playing you in the game and build your way up as a rookie to a f1 legend and you are able to choose what team you want to go. I hope you can get a first man view in the helmet where your vision blurs as you speed up to high speed and get to see force feedback.

  19. I think that f1 2009 should contain all 19 tracks all 9/10 (Prodrive) teams for a career mode in which you can either pick a team and driver or create your own driver but pick a team you want to race for. A world tour mode seen in ToCA 3 where you start at basic racing classes e.g karts then Formula BMW etc. a time trial mode, good multiplayer and online playability. Also settings pending on whether to turn on saftey car periods and to change the lenght of a gp and if you need to go away but are in a good race position a “save race” option where you can save the race where you were at that exact place and another feature which i think should be included is something similar to the Race Driver: Grid crashing feature: when you crash or spin there should be a menu to go back up to 30 seconds or less from where you crashed and try to correct it. also another mode which wouldn’t bother me is the “Classic Mode” where you can pick famous drivers like Ayrton Senna, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart and many more famous driver “era” types of race mode to re-live famous or infamous races. a map editor would be a nice inclusion aswell and also include a free race mode where you could race your new tracks and past circuits that are not included in the 2009 season.

    All of this i think should be in reach and hope that codemasters should include into the game

  20. 1)a think on manager mode you should be able to design your own car lyk different paint job different design and put a diff engine in it.
    2)a think there should be more communicating to and from the pitwall.
    3)you should be able to make ur own guy and pick what nationality you want him to be .and your guy should be able to speak and when he does what ever nationality he is he should speak english but with a different accent ltk for eg. put your guy as jamaican he has a jamaican accent to his voice

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