Monaco royalty snubs Mosley (Update: Mosley claims conspiracy against him)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Max Mosley, Monaco, 2007, 470150

Max Mosley’s hopes of remaining FIA president have been dealt a new blow as it has emerged that he will be in delegating his duties as FIA president to someone else at next weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix .

Monaco’s royal palace do not want him to meet Prince Albert and so FIA vice-president Marco Piccinini will represent the sport’s governing body. Mosley will be, “conducting his business in other aspects of his role,” according to the FIA.

Mosley was previously asked by the Bahraini royal family not to attend their Grand Prix and there were rumours that King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Turkish Grand Prix organisers had been keen for him not to attend their respective races.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the last race before Mosley’s Extraordinary General Meeting on June 3rd at which the question of whether he has brought Formula 1 into disrepute will be discussed.

However Mosley has made it clear the discussion will be on his terms and is endeavouring to divert the debate onto whether or not there were any Nazi connotations in his infamous sadomasochistic sex session with five prostitutes.

In yesterday’s Autosport Mark Hughes pointed out that even if there is a vote of no confidence in Mosley at the EGM, it will not necessarily lead to any action being taken. When a group of Mosley’s opponents tried to pass a motion allowing action to be taken if there is a vote of no confidence in Mosley, they lost despite the vote showing 18 members in favour versus 14 against – because under FIA rules those who do not vote are assumed to be in favour of keeping things as they are. It’s a revealing example of how the cards are stacked in Mosley’s favour.

Earlier this week the Czech FIA representative Radovan Novak, who alleged that McLaren’s Ron Dennis was involved in the affair coming to light, has apologised to the McLaren boss.

Update: Max Mosley has written to the FIA club presidents suggesting that the News of the World were tipped off about what he was doing by someone seeking to undermine negotiations between himself and Formula One Group. The negotiations were about Formula One Group taking over greater control of F1 regulations. Read more here.