Video: Kimi Raikkonen hits Adrian Sutil and denies Force India a points finish

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It’s hard to pick a single highlight from an action-packed Monaco Grand Prix. But one of the most astonishing moments of the race was Kimi Raikkonen’s late collision with Adrian Sutil.

The Force India driver had performed brilliantly up until that moment, never putting a wheel wide and lapping quickly. The team were poised to score their first ever world championship points.

Meanwhile world champion Raikkonen suffered a terrible race with a penalty due to a mix-up on the grid followed by a spin at Ste Devote. Nonetheless fifth place would have given him enough points to keep his championship lead.

However on lap 68 following a restart behind the safety car Raikkonen lost control of his Ferrari as he came over the crest of the hill before the harbour front chicane. He ploughed into the blameless Sutil and, in the exact opposite of poetic justice, Sutil was forced to retire while Raikkonen continued after being given a new front wing.

A bitterly disappointed Sutil wept after the collision. Force India’s Mike Gascoyne remarked: “Raikkonen looked like he was going to do something stupid and in the end he did.” Gascoyne also suggested that if a less experienced driver did what Raikkonen did he would receive a penalty for the next race, as Kazuki Nakajima did at the Australian Grand Prix.

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  1. Shame on Raikkonen. I really pity Adrian and Force India.

  2. James Allen did say he was worried he might jinx it. Looks like he did.

  3. I think it was a racing incident. Raikkonen wasn’t trying to overtake Sutil at that moment, he just lost control of the car.

    But I think Force India’s request to investigate the incident is right. Who knows, something might come out of it. Raikkonen might have just lost control, or he might have braked too late, which in that case he may get a penalty.

    I feel so sorry for Sutil and the Force India team, they did absolutely everything right at Monaco, while most others lost their heads, and this is their reward. A double retirement, and the thought of what might have been.

  4. No chance of Kimi getting a penalty, and rightly so. Kaz was penalised because the incident happened under the safety car, so I’m surprised Gascoyne brought that up. Guess it is understandable seeing as they’ve lost 4th place through no fault of their own, just as Nico lost a podium because he was brake-tested by both Webber & Heikki.

    Also, it seems to have gone unnoticed that Sutil actually passed Nakajima under double waved yellows early in the race, so I suspect he may have been punished for that later on anyway.

  5. ” the team gambled on using the extreme wet tyres at the start of the race”

    Sutil was actually on the shallow wets at the start, only Piquet were on the extreme wets.

    To me it looked like Kimi, if anything, braked too soon and just lost it like Coulthard did in quali.

    It was worth going to the stewards nonetheless, Nazir Hoosein has made some strange decisions in the past.

  6. Thanks for that Tengil I’ve deleted the incorrect sentence. I was sure he’d started on the extreme wets but there was a lot going on so I must have been wrong!

  7. Thumbs up to Raikkonen for saying sorry:

    I feel a bit sorry for him – but I could not do anything. I tried to slow down but there was nowhere to go and nowhere to slow down – and I lost fifth place.

    I said I am sorry for him and his team because probably they are not going to be often in the position to score a fourth position.

  8. Robert McKay
    25th May 2008, 19:12

    “Also, it seems to have gone unnoticed that Sutil actually passed Nakajima under double waved yellows early in the race, so I suspect he may have been punished for that later on anyway.”

    What lap, roughly, Rohan? I’d like to check it out on my video.

  9. The stewards have confirmed Raikkonen won’t get a penalty.

  10. I remember the Sutil pass. I think it was at the start of the first yellow. I remember looking at the live timing and expecting some sort of stewards’ investigation which never came.

  11. Sutil reprimanded for passing under yellow

  12. Rob – it was right after the Alonso-Heidfeld incident. Sutil went around the outside of Nakajima.

  13. KR looks like a Ferrari with a speed wobble … thats a first… maybe need to work on the balance setup… lol

  14. Kudos to Kimi for his apology.

    as for Sutil, Kudos to him for mot putting a foot wrong in terms of the track. I loved watching him racing today. He really deserves some points for his race and Mike’s strategy.

    and anyone moaning about his yellow flag infringement, yeah well done to you guys, you armchair racers. Next race he’ll qualify 17th to 20th, and get demoted to 25th place right?

  15. No-one’s pretending these drivers have it easy but overtaking under yellow flags is a serious infringement – you’re potentially putting marshals at risk. I’m actually quite surprised he’s not got a penalty of some sort.

  16. yeah i know Keith, but since its force india.

    i’m only moaning myself because i’m a sutil and gascoyne fan, hence my comments are biased.

    at least i can admit that, the Massa fans would foam at the mouth too.

  17. good on Kimi to have had apologised(as mentioned by Keith). Sad for Force India though and more so for Sutil. Looked like he finally was gonna live up-to and do more than what he was expected to achieve this year.

  18. Shame for Sutil, but like others have already said, it seemed to be a racing incident. I have to admit that I blamed Raikkonen at the time as I was really rooting for Sutil and Force India to get the points. Either way, I’m glad he felt bad enough to say sorry (even though it obviously wasn’t intentional!) – I’m not sure every driver would have bothered.

  19. If the stewards had been doing their jobs correctly, not only would Sutil have received the punishment for passing under the yellow flags at a point reasonably near the infraction itself, but maybe he wouldn’t have been in Raikkonen’s way when he made his mistake because Sutil would have been some way back – maybe a couple of positions back, but at least he’d’ve finished!

    Now I feel as if the stewards are partly responsible for Sutil’s DNF and losing some points…

  20. I was concerned at first, after Fisichella getting penalised following the Turkey incident, that Raikkonen may have gotten the same treatment from the stewards.
    Thankfully he did not, and its on to Canada with it all the play for.
    As far as the accident went, Raikkonen showed his true class by a. keeping the car off the armco (unlike Coulthard)b. being a true gentleman and admitting that it was his fault. He really is a great champion.
    You have to admit, it has been a long time since we have seen a champion behave in such a ‘respected’ manner, coming off the back of a truly bad weekend.
    A true professional!! As for Adrian Sutil, the pictures of him weeping in his garage after retiring reminded me of Vettel in Fuji last year. He may well have scored 0 points in the race, but on merit he scored maximum points.
    He has really had a terrible start to the season, and to drive like he did, in a Force India car, amongst the Ferrari’s, was exceptional.
    I don’t often see eye to eye with Sush, but I also enjoyed watching Sutil race today.

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