Mosley rejected compromise deal in April

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Details of an attempt by FIA members to reach a deal with scandal-hit president Max Mosley emerged tonight.

According to the FIA Deputy President for Automobile, Mobility and Tourism Franco Lucchesi he and “almost all” the members of the World Council for the Autmobile Mobility and Tourism agreed to the offer. Under the terms of the deal Mosley would receive a declaration of confidence in exchange for an agreement to resign in November, and for him to delegate “almost all public representation of the FIA to the two deputy presidents”.

Mosley apparently turned this offer down at the beginning of this month. He has maintained he intends to step down in 2009 and begun his court action against the News of the World. You can read Lucchesi’s letter in full below.

Federation International de l’Automobile

Distribution: All titular members of the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism
26 May 2008

Dear Friends,

Before the Extraordinary General Assembly of June 3, I feel I owe you a report on what happened after the World Council for the Automobile Mobility & Tourism of April 23 concerning the President Mosley issue.

Although the subject had not been added to the agenda, following my proposal it was however discussed by the World Council members, who informally met at the end of the official session. My opinion was accepted according to which, considering the executive tasks of the Council as well as the absence of the person concerned, neither a debate on the matter, nor an official decision would have been suitable.

At the conclusion or a responsible and smooth exchange of views, the members attending the meeting entrusted the Region I President Werner Kraus and me to inform Max of the ideas shared by almost all attendees and to seek with him a compromise between these ideas and Max’s intention not to step down. The compromise would have implied a renewed and unanimous confidence declaration towards President Mosley, together with a written communication from the President himself announcing his intention to resign starting from November 2008. The President would have left almost all public representation of the FIA to the two Deputy Presidents. This compromise would have prevented us from being divided on a confidence vote that the WCAM&T members esteemed to be negative in any case.

Werner Kraus and I met President Mosley in early May. On that occasion, though acknowledging the worries expressed and the proposed solution, President Mosley reiterated his intention of requesting a confidence vote for reasons already summarised in the letter he sent to all the FIA club presidents. We could do nothing but take note of his determination.

I have deemed it advisable to report back to you about these facts, in order to give you a clearer view of an issue which will involve all of us at the next Extraordinary General Assembly.

I thank you for your kind attention and remain,

Yours sincerely,


Franco Lucchesi
Deputy President, Automobile Mobility and Tourism